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5 Things You can Do Right Now to Strengthen Your Voice – Vocal Exercises

Today I’ll Discuss Using Voice Exercises to Strengthen Your Voice Today

SOVT – Stopping the Airflow

SOVT is the buzz word in the voice community at the moment.  Well one of them. 

SOVT stands for Semi Occluded Vocal Tract  Exercises.  It’s a posh way of saying exercises that involve stoping the air from flowing freely out of your mouth  (or nose).

If you’ve ever hummed, sung on an “ng” (through your nose), done a lip or tongue trill that is an SOVT exercise.

One of the most popular ways to do SOVT exercises is humming through a straw.

There are loads of fancy straws that you can buy to sing through.  The original one, (I think), was called Laxvox and it’s pretty fancy (and expensive).  There are a few others now.   The best ones will have an inner diameter that you can just fit your little finger inside, are not too thick and are easily washable. 

For big tubes I recommend using piping from an aquarium shop and for little straws I advise using the type of tiny cocktail straw that has recently been banned.

I sell a very affordable voice care kit that includes straws and tubes. Send me an email to buy them, or go to this link.


Posh, eco straws

See Ingo Titze lead a straw warm up here. He’s kind of straw guru and he’s a really big shot when it comes to voice science.

I share a straw warm up here.

Generic Warm Ups

You can find some great generic warm ups on the internet. You can also find some rubbish ones.

The best way to be sure that the warm ups you’re following from the internet are helping and not hindering you is paying attention to how your voice feels both during or after. Remember my rules for safe singing on the previous blog here.

I have some warm ups on my youtube channel, such as the one below.

You can buy some generic warm ups online too. I really rate Funky ‘n’ Fun by Kim Chandler which you can buy here.
I also really rate Jay Clayton’s exercises although they are harder to buy nowadays.

Rebecca Schwarz leading a warm up on Youtube

Do a Vocal Work That Has Been Created Just For You

Clearly it’s best to do a warm up that has been created for you. 
A singing teacher should always adapt your warm up to you and your needs.  

I’d love to help you to achieving your singing goals. 

You can either  

Book a free consultation to talk about your goals and how to make them happen – 


Dive straight into an initial consultation to get feedback on where you are and plan on how to get you to where you want to be. 

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