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Spoken Voice Workshop

Spoken Voice Workshop

Does your voice authentically represent who you are?

Do you feel that your spoken voice holds you back in life? 

There are so many factors that lead to us having a voice that feels “not me”.  

As a voice teacher people talk to me about their voices.  Many people say that their voice doesn’t represent who they are.  They’ve spent so long being small, or “being” a person who no longer suits them that they don’t know what their authentic voice would be like.  

Find Your Voice offering – the full details….

When and Where? – Sunday 2nd July 2023 – 9.30 -16.30 in Alvechurch, Worcestershire.

WhatsApp group support before and after the workshop.

Follow up 1-2-1 online meeting for each participant.

Cost – £80 if booked before 30 May 2023 (then £100)*

Limited to 6 participants.

You will be part of a small group who will work together. You will have to speak in front of the group but it is a completely safe space to do so. We will do stretches and body work, followed by breath work. Then after lunch, we do individual work on what each of you brings and your personal relationship with your voice.

There are further classes available course “graduates” to keep developing your voices and confidence.

*If you are on a low income but wish to attend with a bursary send me an email with the details to see what I can offer to help.

I’ll let some of the participants share their experiences as their words feel is more relevant than mine. 

A Review

Although I am used to speaking publicly, I was never fully comfortable with the sound of my own voice. My intention for the time spent with Rebecca was to “make friends” with the sound of my voice.

Rebecca was very welcoming and reassuring, she created a safe space for us to relax into and to allow deeper exploration of self.

The program of the workshop was very well thought through, Rebecca has a solid knowledge and experience as a singing teacher combined with am amazing intuition, which she was using to guide us through the journey to find our authentic, deep rooted voice.

I have found a place where I felt very comfortable with my voice and that was a very liberating and powerful experience. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who has uneasy relationship with their voice.

Dori-Milej-Smith FCCA MSc, Global Accounting Director

Another Review

“The workshop definitely boosted my confidence, the end was great when we did exercises running on the spot and even sharing how I felt in a confidential space was really nice, the breath work helped me to be more grounded. I loved the kazoo and the straw work it really helps with my stomach relaxing and my chest releasing the tightness.” – Ray Heart – Singer 

And Another Review

“I know that I have always carried issues around my voice, of confidence, expressing myself fully and being truly heard, but I had no idea there was so much treasure hidden beneath the surface.

Rebecca’s workshop was a beautifully held safe space for each participant to explore their voice and expression and the true power and passion beneath the surface. 

I came away having experienced myself, through the freeing of my ‘true’ voice, in a way that I never have before. 

Empowering, sensitive, intuitive and highly skilled, Rebecca is a master at unlocking your deeper desires and the hidden truths that lie beneath your vocal limitations or insecurities. She gently shows you what you might be hiding behind or overcompensating for, in order to truly free the more authentic and in my case powerful voice beyond those learnt behaviours. 

A beautiful, sensitive and deeply enlightening experience that will stay with me and I’m pretty sure inform my experience of myself forever. The honesty, integrity, skill and sensitivity of Rebecca’s delivery made it a joyful as well as profound place of self-discovery. I was expecting to be challenged but I felt simply supported, held and deeply seen in a space of playful yet significant exploration. 

Fun and incredibly healing, I would recommend the workshop to anyone interested in exploring their voice or themselves in a therapeutic and empowering way.

I feel that I have more confidence in the exploration of my voice in every way, but especially as my unique, unashamed gift of self-expression since the workshop.” 

Hana Borrowman  – Women’s Circle Facilitator