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This page is chock full of testimonials from people who have worked with me.

“Working on my vocals with Rebecca has given me the ability to believe in myself and try anything that comes my way vocally be it Bollywood or a RnB record. Her energy and enthusiasm makes me feel like I’m unstoppable vocally. Rebecca’s helped me adapt my style according to the type of song I’m presented with.”

Jaz Dahami – Multi Award Winning British Asian Artist

Click here to see Jaz in rather impressive company singing God Only Knows

For the most up to date testimonials about Rebecca’s teaching see her Facebook page – Reviews and her Google Reviews

Rebecca is an enthusiastic, energetic, precise and knowledgeable teacher. I am still in the process of training with her but already – after a few short months, my confidence has grown in abundance. Under her guidance I am about to make my debut in a West End Musical. I am incredibly grateful to her.”

James Barton Musical Theatre

I love my lessons with Rebecca! As a professional singer I travel long distances nearly every week for gigs and find that this can really affect my voice. I like that Rebecca not only supports me technically but also holistically, focusing on how to care for my voice, release tension and tips for performing when I’m tired after driving for hours. Rebecca has also given me real confidence when performing my original music 🙂

Claire Rossi – link to Claire’s website

“With Rebecca’s positivity and knowledge, it only took two lessons for me to discover that I have twice the voice I thought I had.”

Phil Smith member of SMASH and singer with Notorious Choir

More Testimonials

To read references made directly by students go to my google page. You can view it here if you are logged into a google account.   You can read more about me on this page Meet Rebecca or in blogs such as this one The Bigger Jigsaw or this one What is Technique?

The reviews are as follows:-

“Rebecca Schwarz is an incredible vocal coach. As someone returning to vocal training after a break of too many years to count, I found immense benefit not only from Rebecca’s expertise in the physiology and technical aspects of singing (amongst the best I have come across) but also from her contagious enthusiasm, positivity and passion for performance. Rebecca is the type of person you instantly feel comfortable with and who makes the lessons fun and entertaining so you don’t always realise just how hard you have been working until you hear just how good the results are.”

“Rebecca has been teaching my daughter for the past 9 months, and i can’t recommend her enough, Beth is very nervous when meeting new people, but Rebecca put her at ease and found common ground to chat about using music that Beth enjoys. As a teacher she is patient, encouraging, professional and adaptable, gives honest down to earth advise and works with the best interests of her students in mind, not pushing to hard or letting them remain unchallenged. A very friendly and fun lady who has helped not only improve Beth’s voice but her confidence is coming on a treat as well, she looks forward to her lessons each week and we are looking forward to her first performance.”

Clare Gibbs

“Great fun learning with Rebecca, she has really my improved range and technique. Singing lessons are a good challenge and also a good laugh. For me they also help in other areas like work presentations etc. Would definitely recommend Rebecca as a teacher.”

Paul Franklin

Even more reviews include:-

“I contacted Rebecca in 2013, looking to take singing lessons. After a bit of looking around online, I decided to go with Rebecca, and I can definitely say it was a very smart choice! She is awesome, simply put. She knows her stuff, she is patient, super laid back and a really nice person to be around, on top of being a fantastic teacher. I love that she customizes her teaching approach and lesson to you specifically. I’ve never once felt ‘pressured’ to do anything I don’t want to, and I really appreciate her allowing me to take my time and go at my own (often very slow) pace with my learning, and my sometimes weird schedule. She picks up on your quirks and tastes very quickly. Before taking lessons from Rebecca I was honestly pretty freaked out about music theory, and she has made it so much more approachable than I could ever imagine. I’ve learned so many things that not only put music theory into a much more understandable (and thus less scary) perspective, but are just plain cool! If you want to learn just songs, or mix up songs with technique, or go full on music theory; I think Rebecca can do all of that. She likes to keep things fresh, and interesting for you, which I think goes so far in getting over that frustrating initial hump of learning. “I would ABSOLUTELY recommend Rebecca to anybody, beginner or experienced.” – Andy Wright – Actor

“Rebecca is an extremely personable and warm teacher. Her enthusiasm and expertise in her subject makes her an ideal teacher of a subject that ultimately requires a great deal of trust and confidence from the student. I have grown as a singer during my lessons with Rebecca and she has given me a toolbox of techniques to draw on in the future. She is a wonderfully supportive teacher who is genuinely interested in and fully committed to each one of her students.”

“Rebecca is an excellent teacher and although I travel almost two hours just to go to an hour’s lesson, it is definitely worth it. She has not just one method of teaching, but her style and methods are unique to every student as everyone has different needs and different ways in which they learn to the optimum level. “Rebecca is my second singing teacher I have had up to today and my previous teacher was not even close to the standards of Rebecca. One goes to singing lessons either because one wants to improve or because one knows nothing about singing and would like to learn from the beginning. Regarding this, my previous teacher just gave me the words of “it’s easy, just sing!”, which was not helpful at all; not matter how hard I tried, practiced or how many lessons I had. “I am glad I met Rebecca because even from the first lesson we had; I improved and learnt a lot from this lesson and came out feeling much more positive and believing it is possible that I could sing well one day.”

Ka Mun Lee
Donna Mulvey-Jones

“Rebecca is a dynamic vocal coach who was able to take my singing to the next level and bring out a confidence I never knew I had. Her lessons are varied and fun and she got me to connect with songs in a way I had never thought about before. The concerts she organises are a great way of getting her pupils to sing in front of an audience and put some goals and focus to the lessons. Hearing improvements from lesson 1 is a real motivator.”

“I have had singing lessons with Rebecca for around two years now. When I first started having lessons, I had no confidence. Rebecca has given me many opportunities to perform as venues such as the MAC and the Custard Factory. This has lead to other opportunities for me. I have finished recording my first song and hope to make a music video this year. Rebecca has given me confidence and has always supported me with my singing. She has the perfect disposition to be a a singing teacher and is very talented.”

Sarah Bathgate

“Rebecca has given me lots of confidence in my singing and performing. This has been definitely helped by the fact that every year she organizes student concerts in different venues, where everyone can have a chance of performing in a professional environment. Also, it has been really fun doing musical theatre grades with her.”

Stephanie Raphael(winner of musician of the year at her school in year 11, at the time of writing this review. She also sings lead vocals with a professional jazz band).

“My daughter, Ruth, started singing lessons with Rebecca 18 months ago she was lacking in confidence and was suffering from severe performance anxiety. In her last performance, prior to lessons with Rebecca, she had suffered her first panic attack and she was ready to give up singing completely. Over the past 18 months Rebecca has worked with Ruth to overcome her performance anxiety and to build her confidence. Additionally, Rebecca has helped Ruth to identify her strengths and weaknesses, and encouraged her to try different musical performance opportunities. Following interviews and an audition, Ruth has recently been accepted on a contemporary music course at the college of her choice; auditioned for a musical theatre course in a grueling 2 day workshop; and is playing the main character in her school production of Hairspray. Ruth is now a much more confident and self assured performer and has developed her singing skills to a high level. I have no doubt that is down to Rebecca’s excellent teaching, and her ability to build confidence in the most anxious of performers.”

Karen Wood – (This review was written in 2014.  In 2016 Ruth was offered places at various Music schools to study a degree in Music/Performance, including the Institute of Contemporary Music).

“During my first singing lesson with Rebecca, the first thing I noticed was her sheer excitement for what she does. It was apparent that she loves music and has a true passion for singing. Her vibrant personality makes the lesson exciting and even makes singing exercises interesting. “In a matter of 4-6 weeks my voice transformed. When I sing I don’t feel like the same person any more. I started out as very timid and shy, I now sing with much more confidence. “The whole experience has been extremely overwhelming. Rebecca is very knowledgeable about so many techniques that improve one’s singing. But her ability to find the correct technique has been what has made all the difference to my singing. I am forever grateful to you, Rebecca for helping me find the passion that you live for – singing.”

Subodh Dhanda

“Being my first vocal lesson and not having worked any theory before, Rebecca was very easy to understand. I have learnt some very important and useful tips for my gigs and have hopefully influenced her into the “darker” side of singing! “The help on posture, open-throat and anchoring is definitely going to be a great help for reaching new notes and strengthening the current ones. “Rebecca’s recommended reading has so far opened my eyes to how crucial technique is and I will no doubt be reading and practicing further into it.”

“Rebecca is an outstanding vocal coach who has inspired and empowered my daughter to believe in herself and her singing abilities. Her enthusiasm threads through all aspects of her teaching making the lessons fun and enjoyable, whilst also keeping the importance of grades a key factor.”Liz McMahon(Mother of Alice McMahon, graduate of the first intake at BOA)

“Rebecca Schwarz is a highly motivated and attentive singing coach who works extremely well with her clients to enable them to exceed their expectations”

Paul Robert Golder

“I think Rebecca is a great teacher because she praises me and boosts my confidence, she teaches lot’s of useful and interesting techniques that I can easily use in my performances”

Beth Fisher

“Since I have had lessons with Rebecca it has brought my confidence on, I have an unusual voice so it has been very difficult to get songs that match my voice. She has to work hard to find songs and music. Every year she holds a concert, this has been really good for everybody to experience what it is like in front of an audience and to sing with a mic. She inspires me. She is very enthusiastic and energetic. I really enjoy my lessons. Thank you!”

Day Hayes

“Since I met you you have taught me so much in a matter of 8 months. When I make it my success will be down to you as much as myself.”

Gemma Cox

“Rebecca is a brilliant teacher. Within two years of lessons I have but have sang two concerts and completed Grade 6 twice, with Rockschool and LCM Musical Theatre. I couldn’t have done this without Rebecca teaching me a range of techniques, encouraging me and helping to build my confidence.”

Andrea Matthews