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Voice Care Workshop

Teachers, performers, call centre colleagues, choir singers…

Does your job tire your voice?

Does your hobby tire your voice?

Does vocal fatigue stop you fully enjoying your life?

Would you like to learn how to better care for your voice?

Then this Voice Care Workshop is for you.

I’m Rebecca Schwarz.

I help speakers and singers understand their voices so that they are free not to worry about their voices.

I visit workplaces and training providers to empower the voices there.

Who would benefit from this training?

Any employer who wants to reduce sick days due to voice fatigue.

Any training provider who is training a voice professionals.

This workshop is for anyone who wants to understand and care for their voice.

The workshop includes:- 

Rebecca’s rules for safe singing.

Who is a professional voice user – according to the Voice Clinics. 

Things that impact the voice.

What to avoid and what to embrace. 

What to do when you have a cold. 

Address some myths that circulate about voice care. 

Basic overview of how the voice works. 

Some interactive work on things that will help ease pressure on your voice.

Why we use warm ups and what which warms ups do what. 

Voice Care kit  – info on an affordable kit that I sell to support voices.

Recordings of the classes will be shared after each class – (if the class is online).

This class is for anyone who wants to reduce work days lost to sore throats and voice problems.

Why Rebecca Schwarz? 

Rebecca Schwarz has been teaching singing for over 15 years and has worked with people in all professions and understands how some jobs put enormous pressure on people’s voices.

I go to tonnes of workshops and training courses so that you can just go to mine!

Some comments from participants of previous classes include:

“Thoroughly enjoyed the Vocal Resilience Workshop. Lots of useful and practical advice which can be applied daily. Thank you.”

Sophie Hill – Performer and Singing Teacher

“I thought you had  excellent structure and content. Lesson was well paced and post workshop notes were outstanding.”


“The class really helped me to understand how to have more confidence when performing. I learned about the importance of vocal warm ups, posture and breathing techniques. The knowledge I learned was incredible.

Cherrelle Cartwright