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Are You a Professional Singer in Crisis?

Sore Throat

If you are a professional singer in a crisis then I am here to help. 

You are not alone. 

I have worked with many post rehabilitation singers.

I have helped hundreds of singers get past technical and emotional/mental blocks so they can own optimal vocal freedom.  

I have also been to so many theatre performances/gigs where the singer is clearly struggling.

I help struggling singers.   

If you are a professional singer in crisis get in touch and I will help you to get past whatever is ailing your voice.

If you need me get in touch. 

The best way to contact me is either by phone on 07803900154 (+44)


by email on

I will help you online and if you’re in the Midlands, (UK), then I will be there in person (if I am able).

You are not alone. I am here to guide you back to strength and confidence. 

Why Me? 

I’ve been there.  I’ve been a professional singer in crisis.

I’m a professional performer, (singer/actress), and I’ve been teaching, (and studying), singing for a looooong time.  

I understand how suddenly, (or less suddenly), your voice can start behaving differently when you most need it to be consistent.  

I understand about voice, anatomy, voice learning and acoustics.  I am also trained in all sorts of well-being approaches. 

I’m a member of ViP Vocology in Practice a “Global Network of Elite Voice Professionals”. 

I’m a a highly active member of the Education committee of the British Voice Association.  I have led, or been part of teams that put together events such as “The Voice Top Down”, “Extreme Voices”, “Freeing the Dancer’s Voice” and “Secrets of the Spoken Voice”. 

I have current connections with voice therapists, vocal rehabilitation coaches, (lots of people claim to be rehab coaches but most aren’t), and even osteopaths and laryngeal massage therapists.  If I’m not the person to help you then I will link you up with someone who is.

To read testimonials about me and my work go to this page – Testimonials

I’ve worked with hundreds of singers, including Claire Rossi and Jaz Dhami.

Claire Rossi
Jaz Dhami

I hate the idea of there being any professional singer in crisis.

Never go on stage being afraid again. Get in touch now.