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5 Things You can Do Right Now to Strengthen Your Voice – Express Yourself – Enjoy Your Voice

Today I’ll elaborate on how expressing yourself and enjoying your voice will make your voice stronger.

Enjoy Your Voice

Have a playful attitude towards your singing.

Explore what your voice can do and how it feels and sounds.  Avoid being judgemental about the quality of the sound of your voice. 

The only thing you need to judge is that you’re not doing any harm to your voice. 

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Rebecca’s Rules for Safe Singing

“If your voice feels strange, or achy that’s completely fine.  If it feels dry, scratchy or makes you want to cough then stop. That’s a warning sign that it’s not healthy for your voice. Either stop what you’re doing, or do it for much less time.

The next day if your voice won’t do what it can normally do, or takes a lot longer to get going then that is a warning sign that you may have worked too hard but… 

If your throat and neck, (and body muscles),  feel achy then celebrate, you’ve had a voice workout. “

Rebecca Schwarz (I say this so often)

Play with your voice

Sing things you can’t really sing well.

Explore your range, there’s no need to sound beautiful. 

Make silly noises and enjoy your voice.  

Play with different sounds. 

and remember… 

Don’t JUDGE  – PLAY, have fun with your voice. 

Create a playlist of joyful songs

Sing along with song that make you feel joyful.

Here is my spotify playlist that I use to “Lift My Spirits. Happy to share it with you here GO TO PLAYLIST.

Remember, singing is a portal to joy. It should make you feel stuff. Hopefully it makes you feel joyful. 

Your spoken voice 

Allow your spoken voice to be expressive.  If you know that you have a bit of a monotone speaking voice then play with making it more interesting.  Maybe do this alone before exploring it in public. 

Play with the following:-

  1. Talk higher and lower in pitch when you speak; 
  2. Speaking slower or faster;
  3. Taking more breaths or even play with taking less breaths;
  4. Observe your patterns of inflection, do you go up or down at the end of your sentences?  If you notice that you tend to do the same pattern look to change it about. 
  5. Variety, and loads of it. 

Take your time to enjoy your spoken voice.  Notice if you rush when you speak and if you do, then take your time.  

Own your time to speak and break the habit of rushing.  You have a right to be heard. 

Play with doing impressions of other speakers, see how bad your impressions can be. Maybe they will be good.  Let me know if you can do any good impressions.  

Reset Afterwards

After doing expressive singing always come back to singing and speaking in what feels like your natural voice to reset your voice or “cool down”.


Well being – Voice – Body – Voice – Express and Enjoy – Voice

Rinse and Repeat.  

How you use all of these will impact how you strengthen your voice. 

Your voice effects your life.

Almost like the circle of life but the circle of voice 

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