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Song Sharing Session, Vocal Explorers are open to all subscribers and I’m on a podcast.

Vocal Explorers Membership Classes

If you’re having lessons with me on a subscription plan then you are welcome to attend the Vocal Explorer’s Membership classes. They are currently on the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month at 7pm in my Zoom Room. The next one is on Monday 25 January 2021.

Anyone on the new subscriptions will have a code to use to book in. If you are on an old subscription then you may need to get in touch with me to book in. Just drop me an email and I’ll sort it out for you.

Song Sharing Session

The Song Sharing Session is an informal gathering, on Zoom, for all of the singers who are working with me to share a song for each other. It’s an opportunity to conquer any performance related fears and grow as a performer.

The sessions are on Zoom on a Sunday evening, the next one is at 6pm (London time) on Sunday 28 February.

Spaces are limited to don’t delay to reserve yours now.

The last Song Sharing Session was a glorious success with loads of singers challenging themselves by singing solo for the first time, or singing something that was new or challenging to them.

The Song Sharing Sessions are for singers who are currently working with me, however if you’re not working with me at the moment and you want to participate in the Song Sharing Session you’re very welcome to book a lesson with me and get started on the next step in your singing journey.

I’m on Spotify!

I was very excited to be invited by Leigh, approx a year ago, to speak on the Vocal Freedom Podcast. We finally got together a few weeks ago and the podcast went live yesterday. We chat about voice, creating new art and, of course, Vocal Freedom. You can find it by searching for Rebecca Schwarz on Spotify and I suspect it works on other search engines too! Leigh talks to loads of interesting people on her podcasts.

The Vocal Freedom Podcast Website is here

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