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It’s Never Too Late

How long something can stay alive if you put it in the right environment and leave it alone?

It’s never too late.

And who says you need to chop up your tree just because everyone else does?

My Christmas Tree

My Christmas Tree is still going strong in my front garden. It was cut from the ground in November and it’s now 19th March.

It has been in a tree holding stand in my front garden and it falls over whenever there is a strong breeze.  It feels like every day that it’s still there and looking healthy it’s telling me, (and the world), that we must not write things off just because they are “too old” or it’s past their time.

Who gets to decide when I should get rid of my tree?  

I think I’ll let the tree tell me.  It will tell me when it goes brown and doesn’t look alive any more.

How does this relate to singers?

I hear from so many who worry that they are too late to start learning how to sing.

Look at my tree.  It has been officially dead for since November.  It’s now almost April.  My tree has been past it for 5 months.  

My tree is certainly not past its prime and it’s not dead yet.

If you want to get better at singing and if you want to experience the joy of singing then it isn’t too late for you either.

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