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I Say Yes

I Say yes

What did you say yes to recently?

I used to be so impulsive and spontaneous and with the challenges I’ve had over the recent years I’ve kind of let that go. After last week I plan to say yes to many more things.

On Tuesday my mate and musical co-conspirator Jobe got in touch to ask if I fancied a gig.  I was feeling less coldy than I have for weeks and my voice was feeling quite good, if still in recovery.  So I was inclined to say yes.  

Then he said the gig was on Friday, when I had a student booked in and I have my kids with me.  Also the gig was in an Argentinian restaurant and so ideally we would sing songs that were in a “latin style”.

And the gig was on Friday.  He asked me on Tuesday and I was in London all day on Wednesday and probably going to be very tired on Thursday.

All logic said not to do the gig.  But I wanted to know if it would be fun.  I wanted to remind myself that this sort of gig is really easy for me in comparison with the sort of gig I do when I share a load of my new songs with a new band.  Or compared with singing with a party band where you have to dance about the whole time.  Also you get to style songs in your own way, and you get to choose the songs you fancy doing.

We put together a set with me playing a couple of songs on the piano.  Jobe wandered about the restaurant with his accordion and violin.  We used a couple of backing tracks and the whole thing was lovely and varied.

Taking requests (and not taking requests)

As we walked in a man at the bar asked if we could “play loads of reggae”.  I hope I seemed friendly when I said that we’re not a jukebox so we can’t take requests.  We may have given Red, Red Wine a bash if he’d not left soon after he made his request. 

A woman at the bar requested Adele and we had one ready so that worked.   Then she asked for something else but we had no idea what it was.  So Jobe played a Latin style thing and I made up a song over the top.  I love rhyming off the top of my head.

I’m so glad I said yes because it was loads of fun, the kids were fine and we even got a tip from the lady at the bar.  We had some food and I had the loveliest garlic, chili prawns I’ve ever had.  The restaurant was lovely, check it out here.

Health permitting in future I will say yes to more things more often. 

What have you said yes to recently?

Do you have singing dreams that I could help you to achieve?

Do you want to join a choir, or start a band, or share the original songs you secretly write?  Or do you want to be happy to sing along with a track in your car?

Either way I can help

Feel free to check out my teaching on these videos here.

And if you’d like to work with me either drop me an email on or just book in via the booking buttons below.

My compulsion to say inappropriate things made me want to use this photo as the blog image.  I resisted but I wanted to share it here for anyone who gets the joke.

This blog title reminds me of this song – except it’s the opposite message – “I Say No” From Heathers.

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