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The Vocal Explorers’ Membership Subscription

Explorers Wanted
Explorers Wanted

The low commitment, low cost membership group for the anyone who wants to know more about their voice.

Here is a snippet of one of our classes

The group has been described as…

A singers’ surgery where you can come and ask questions and pick new things up but with some creative sharing at the end where people have the opportunity to share something they’ve been working on or perhaps just some inspiration.

For beginners to gain confidence and see that everyone has different strengths and struggles but also for very experienced singers who maybe don’t have regular lessons to check in and get some guidance when they need it.

A safe space to explore voice.

It gives me a connection to other people are kind of on a journey with the voice be that people at the beginning or people who are much further along than me.

Mary Dunn, drama teacher and performer.

Learn singing technique from a highly experienced singing teacher/vocal coach

“Great class last night. Just been through the video to practise finding my higher range. So useful to have the recording from last night. Thank you.”

Sara – Vocal Explorers’ Member

We explore:-

How to get a wider range

How to smooth out passagios

Different voice “qualities”

What support means and how it helps

Breath control and volume

Acting the song

Voice care

Why the throat “closes up” and how to stop it happening

Confidence with performance


You will love this membership group if:-

You are a professional/serious singer who wants to understand your voice better but cannot afford to pay for voice lessons right now.


You want to explore your voice but you feel a bit silly making that sort of commitment when you are so shy about your singing.

What will you actually get with your membership?

At least 2 monthly classes on Zoom. Currently these are on a Monday evening at 7.30. They will be recorded and shared to the group on a private page so you can watch it later if you miss the class.

A private Facebook group to meet and talk voice, share your singing challenges and get advice from me and the group.

Pop Up help sessions between the official sessions.

The more you engage with the group the more you will benefit from the subscription.

As a Founder Member you get to shape what the group explores, and all for £20.

This membership is the start of the vocal transformation you’ve wanted to make for so long.

If you’re still unsure then why not check me out by signing up for my mailing list for a link to a free warm up.

* Refunds will not be available after payment has been sent but you can cancel your payment at any time.