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Singing Lesson Bundles

Singing Lesson Bundle

This is a very dry and informative blog. I just really want to share the info with you asap.

I’m offering singing lesson bundles this summer.  The details are below. 

With these packages you must use all lessons by the end of August.  Therefore only book as many as you will use. 

I am offering lessons on the following weeks:-

W/c 25th July; 

W/c 8th August – just Monday and Tuesday (and 2 hours on Friday);

W/c 15th August – lots of times available; 

w/c 29 August  – lots of times available Monday to Wednesday.

I’m NOT teaching on:- 

W/c 1st August 

W/c 22nd August 

Daytime Lessons

If you can come during the day, before 3pm then the lessons cost £60 each so bundles cost… 

3 lessons – £180 Book here

4 lessons – £240 – Book here

6 lessons- £360 – Book here

Evening Lessons

If you have to attend lessons after 5pm then the lessons cost £70 each so the bundles cost…

3 lessons – £210

4 lessons – £280 

There aren’t many evening slots each week so if you want book a bundle of evening lessons please send me an email and I’ll send you the link.  

These are very limited so get in touch asap if you want to book this package.  


Ensure you only book the packages with the number of lessons you will be able to use.  These lessons must be used by the end of August 2022.  

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