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5 Things You can Do Right Now to Strengthen Your Voice Well-Being

Today I’ll elaborate a little about how you can use your mind, by looking after your well-being, to best support your voice. 

Do Something Nice – Just For You

Some ideas are:-

  1. A relaxing bath;
  2. Call a friend;
  3. Meditate – there are lots of apps for this, I’m a big fan of Tara Brach Link to
  4. Lie down in the dark and listen to music that soothes you.

I would love to know any ideas of things you do to relax. Send me an email with your ideas.

Relaxing bath with foam and candles

Challenge Your Inner Critic

Firstly notice that you have a vocal inner critic.  That’s the voice that you hear in your head has lots of opinions, pretty much all of us have one. The inner critic often says things about us that aren’t kind and stop us doing things.

Your inner critic is just trying to keep you safe, however it can stop you doing things that you want to do that aren’t actually a risk to you, such as singing.

Start to observe the unhelpful things that your inner critic says and become objective about them. 

Try the following to “de-fuse”* from your thoughts:-

  1. Repeat the phrase your critic is saying to you over and over to take away it’s power; 
  2. Give the inner critic a funny voice, maybe like an animal; 
  3. Sing the words. 
Illustration of living with your fears.

Notice what your inner critic says and if they tell you not to do something, thank them for their input and then do it anyway. 

I like to argue with my inner critic when she says things that aren’t helpful.  

*The above are all from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.  I recommend this free course from Public Health Wales if you want to know more about ACT.


Find what makes you laugh and prioritise doing it.

Laughing Bonobo

Things that work for me include:-

  1. A funny TV programme – my mother-in-law loves The Hangover!
  2. Call a friend who makes you laugh;
  3. Do a silly dance;
  4. Meet a friend, in person or online (if you’re not allowed to met in person).

Move – Ideally Outdoors

I find my mood lifts almost instantly when I get outdoors, especially into the woods.

  1. Walk in the nature – maybe try forest bathing, which is a fancy way of saying “walk in the woods”;
  2. Walk anywhere. I like city walking almost as much as nature walks although I do find you need to move for longer to get the same therapeutic benefits;
  3. Find an exercise class that you can access that you enjoy and commit to doing it regularly. My kids swear by Just Dance videos on Youtube, I swear by Yoga With Adrienne.
  4. Put on your favourite songs and dance (and sing) along. I dare you to leave the curtains open and let the neighbours see you rocking out.
  5. For adults there may be other things that you can do that will lift your mood, that I don’t need to outline here.
Relaxing bath with foam and candles

Sing With Other People

Join an online choir. Most have the singers muted when everyone sings together due to the time-lag of being online. You are welcome to join Cantare Choir – more info here

There are a few software programmes for in-time online music making. I’m not an expert but I know someone who is. I’m happy to link you up to him.

Meet for a socially distanced, outdoors jam, (when it’s allowed). 

When singing opens up again join a join a singing group or choir or sing with friends. If you live in or near to South Birmingham come and join us in Cantare Choir.

Sing together. It’s good for the soul.

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Look out for my next blog which is all about techniques you can use to directly strengthen YOUR VOICE publishing next week. I hope you find it useful.


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