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The Extra Stuff You Get When You Study With Me

Mindset is so important!

Have you ever noticed how some days your voice is more pliable than others?

The longer I have taught the more I have grown to believe that the greatest barrier for the singers I work with is mental (or emotional) and not about about their singing abilities.  

I firmly believe that if singers practice the exercises that I set for them they will improve and they can smash their targets.  Lots of the singers I work with do just that but some carry baggage from years of anxiety about their singing and this impacts how they engage with the work we do together.  I knew that I could keep learning about acoustics and anatomy, learn more about laryngeal massage etc but it is pointless if the singers are unable to fully engage with the process.

I know that anyone who pays to study something means to work hard at it  If someone doesn’t practice, it is sometimes an issues of time management but usually an issue of fear or blocks.   

I needed a whole load of new learning, all about the brain and the body and energy about  fear and I needed to know how to move people onwards.   

I Got Studying 

I’ve thrown myself into a new and exciting world of learning which means you are getting a singing lesson and so much more.  

I still know all of the singing teacher stuff and now I also know how to help with goal setting, dealing with fear, moving past emotional blocks, dealing with the inner critic, the list goes on.  

Here is the list of things that I have studied, (and in some cases qualified in) since March 2020:-

  • Neuro Vocal Technique, a feelings based method that Meredith Colby has developed based in her decades of study of the brain.  I am now a Certified Practitioner.
  • The Voice – Top Down, British Voice Association.  I was part of a team that organised and ran The Voice – Top Down, a day about the voice and the brain.  
  • Counselling, Level 3 – Passed.
  • NLP, Therapy and Hypnotherapy  – Practitioner 
  • A qualification that I’m not allowed to write about until I officially join their society but there is a picture of my certificate above, (you can see my married name on there). 
  • Covid – 19 Psychological First Aid – Certificate of Achievement. 
  • Action Trauma – Virtual Trauma Summit 2020 – Attended
  • Somatic Coaching for Performers – Petra Raspel, Singing Sense – Certified Course Completion 
  • I also studied for and passed a challenging test to join Vocology in Practice, which is as fancy as it sounds and I’m rather proud of myself.  Joining their ranks challenges my imposter syndrome and reminds me that I really do know my stuff! 

All of this means I can help you even better than before.  Whatever your blocks, be they in the voice, body or the  mind, I have the tools to move you onwards and past them. 

Get in touch now so that we can create a strategy to liberate your voice.  

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