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The British Voice Association and Me

The British Voice Association and Me

I want to write something about my time on the Education Working Party of the British Voice Association. I will write that blog soon, when I have more headspace and less work. But for now I’m going to share the posters.

For now this is the British Voice Association and Me

The below images are the posters for the events that I was lucky to either lead or be part of wonderful teams. I have worked with some amazing people.

I will share about the wonderful organisation, the reason I joined and the fabulous event last Sunday, (where I publicly owned my ADHD and didn’t apologise in any way for it), when I have more time. For now I’m trying to keep on top of the house not being a tip and and maybe remembering to eat.

Last Sunday’s event – that I really hope to find the time to blog about further….

Poster for the BVA Amplified Voice - 2023
Amplified Voice – 2023

I had a year off in 2022.

Secrets Of The Spoken Voice2021 = Poster
The Secrets Of The Spoken Voice
On the Friday we had over 400 people sign up for a free workshop with Barbara Houseman This was the BVA’s first free event.
The Voice Top Down 2020 - BVA@home - poster
The Voice Top Down 2020 – online course
Extreme Voices 2019
Extreme Voices 2019. I still can’t believe we put this day together.
Research the names we had at this event. It was mega!
Freeing the Dancer's Voice
Freeing the Dancer’s Voice. I wanted to find the answers to how dancers can sing at the same time that they are dancing. I didn’t find any answers but a load more questions.

I feel so proud when I look at these all laid out like this.

What next?

Well I’m still on the BVA Council and there are still things I hope to do with the BVA if I’m able to but who knows. My future feels very open.

For more info about the BVA see here.

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