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Vocal Massage – a massage for your voice

Vocal Tract - for Vocal Massage

I gave my first vocal massage yesterday and I was so happy to see that it was effective.  Lovely Beth is not only an expert, (she’s a fancy pants physio), so she knows what’s useful and what’s not, but she even recorded a little video for me to share.

Discounted Laryngeal Massage – Limited Offer

Do you feel like your neck, throat, mouth or head could be “freer”?

Would you like a heavily discounted Vocal Massage?

I will give out a few heavily discounted massages to the first people to contact me about them. To get your discounted massage email me on and….

Write “vocal massage   – yes please” in the subject.

Once I’ve given a few discounted massages I will be charging full whack so get in now if you’re feeling inquisitive.

Who I trained with

I’ve trained with a couple of fantastic people The Vocdoc/Charles Ward and Walt Fritz and I’m fully insured.

If you want a heavily discounted vocal massage send me an email with “vocal massage   – yes please” in the subject line.

This is a very limited time offer.

Drop me an email on now to grab one of the freebie massages.

To see more of the training I’ve done recently have a look at this page.

P.S.  I sat down to write one blog and ended up writing 5.  I will be sharing them all over the next few days/weeks

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