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New availability for lessons in the evening and on Saturdays and other things.

Book Your Singing Lesson

More out of hours singing times available.

If you would like to have lessons with me but you’ve been waiting for me to have space in the evening or at the weekend then now is the time to get in touch as things are changing around here and I now have a little more out of hours teaching time.

I have a couple of spaces for weekly singing lessons out of hours, both after school and also on a Saturday, probably in the morning but this is to be finalised.

Drop in lessons are available to book in but it is much more affordable if you buy a subscription.   I offer packages for either 2 or 4 lessons a month and I have spaces for a couple of new singers to study with me to sign up for these packages.

Other Things – Let Me Know If You’re Interested

Online Classes

I’m considering bringing back online group classes.  These will be part of the package for singers who subscribe to lessons with me although there will be an option to sign up for group classes separately.  Please can you let me know if you would like me to run monthly online classes.

Pub Choir

I have an idea of setting up an ad-hock pub choir and if you’d like to know more about that when it’s set up drop me a message and I’ll keep you in the loop when I decide I’m ready to move on this. It will be loads of fun.

Vocal Massage

I have recently trained in vocal massage and will be getting the relevant insurance any day.  If you would like to get a reduced price vocal massage whilst I gain confidence in the work let me know.  I’m fully trained, (I’ve actually trained in this twice, I’m cautious), and I will be fully insured before I touch anyone but I will charge less for the first few treatments I offer.  

I trained with Charles Ward who you can check out here.  

Drop me an email if you’re interested in knowing more about any of the stuff I’m outlining here.

I’d love to see you and help you with your singing goals.  Click here to contact me

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