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How is it February 2020 already?

We are nearly at half term in the “Spring” 2020 term and I still can’t believe it’s 2020!  Am I the only one who finds that time just flies?  I have so many ideas but they have been on hold as I had to set everything up for my one woman show.  

I wish I had more to report about my teaching work developments but I will soon.  Not least after I’ve attended a course about acoustics and the voice later this month.  I have always felt a lack in my knowledge when it comes to acoustics but the physics side of it fries my brain.  I’m hoping that this course will sort me out.  So, after 24 Feb ask me about acoustics and I’ll know all the answers  – well that’s unlikely but I will know much more! 

I’m really happy to say that I have started the dates for my next tour of Baby Brained the Musical and I am so excited to be building a team to work with so that I’m not doing all of the legwork any more.  The website was built by Sally at Venalicium Creative and I love it, my social media is being curated (I think that’s the right term) by Rachael at ISEL Social so I see posts appear online that I had nothing to do with, also amazing!  Very much not least though I had the best time being looked after my a professional Stage Manager at the last show.  I can’t work out how to tag her but Vicki “mummed” me for the last show and it was amazing!

It is so liberating to be able to focus on what I want to do with the show, perform it!

It also leaves  me with more time for the other things that I want to do.  Singing, working with other people on their singing.  Looking at how best to support my singers and get them to where they want to be.


This is for those of you who have almost got the confidence to sing in front of me without anxiety.  This is the next step.  Sharing a song in front of each other.  So a small group of singers will meet at my studio for one hour.  We will warm up together and then I will spend about 10 minutes with each of you on a song.  You will share the song in front of the group.  I know that this is a thing of terror for many of you so I want to offer this.   These may be during the day or they may be in the evening or on a Saturday.  I need to know the level of interest and when people are free before I can make further plans.


The next few weeks I will be brainstorming the many ideas I have buzzing around my head.  Actually that isn’t true, next week I’ll be hanging with my kids as it’s half term and they don’t like the school holiday clubs, but this week and the weeks after I will be trying to work out how best to support “my” singers and put things into place. I know I’ve been writing that since December but this is the on line commitment to come up with a plan.  

As part of writing this I have chosen a date for the student concert so watch this space.

Please do get in touch  if you are interested in the Sharing Sessions and watch this space for more info about the Student Concert.