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Dancers – Five Advantages That You Have When Working On Your Singing

Dancers – Five Advantages That You Have When Working On Your Singing. If you are a dancer who is looking at developing your singing voice I’m talking to you here.  

I work with lots of wonderful, professional dancers.  I also work with lots of dancers who are auditioning for performing arts college.  Some of these dancers are experienced and some have never sang before, especially not in front of other people. 

In my experience you are really nervous about continuing, (or starting), your singing journey, and with good reason.  You’re a dancer and you’re really REALLY good at it.  Putting yourself out there as a singer, when you feel like you’re not as good at it as you are at dancing, is letting yourself be vulnerable, very vulnerable.  You are used to being brilliant when you are performing.  You are used to shining and here you are exposing yourself as a performer, doing something that is not your strength. 

You may well compare yourself with the people in your field.  You compare your dancing with the amazing dancers you know and you are in the right place and totally able to stand tall (sorry, alignment joke), in their company.  

You want to be able to do the same with singing.  You know that you’re nowhere close.  You are comparing yourself with West End stars, or mega experienced singers and you might feel like you’re a novice. It feels frustrating.  The mountain feels too tall. 

But I am here to tell you that you can climb that mountain, in fact you’re probably much further up it than you think you are.  Here are my five reasons why dancers have a massive  advantage when developing their singing voices. 

  1. You know how to work hard.  Your amazing discipline will set you in great stead when developing your singing voice. 
  2. You understand that muscles can be trained.  You know that it takes time to learn to do the splits and that your body needs constant care and respect.  The same applies in singing because singing training is muscular work, just like dancing.  You know what can be achieved. 
  3. You instrument is your body.  Unlike musicians, singers can’t replace their instrument if it becomes faulty.  You understand this and you understand the value of caring for your body and the effect that your body will have on your ability to perform as an artist.
  4. You are a performer.  You already know how to sell a song.  You may not be used to using your voice to sell a song but you know how to communicate and this is the most crucial thing in musical theatre.  You’re ahead of the game already. 
  5. You are musical.  Music moves you and you can keep a beat like no one else.  In fact, you can keep a beat better than most singers and musicians.  

So what is stoping you?  Dare to be brave and add singing to your skillset so that when you get that call for an auction that involves singing you are ready and raring to go, not tempted to cancel from the fear of not being good enough. 

i have worked with dancers from many shows including Cats An American in Paris.  I also have worked with many, many dancers who were terribly shy about their singing and who have successfully attained places at: Laines Theatre Arts, Bird College, Sylvia Youngs, Performers College, LIPA and more.  Most of these were amazing dancers who initially  were terrified of singing in front of me, let alone audition panels. 

I lead the organisation of this event for BVA that was so very exciting  – Freeing the Dancer’s Voice

freeing the dancer's voice

Dancers – Five Advantages That You Have When Working On Your Singing – Let me show you how you are so well equipped already.

If you want to chat about us working together on your singing contact me here.

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