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It’s been a long time so I thought I’d write something little.

Ooo what can I write about? Well, I’m very excited as it looks like I may have another dabble with Classical singing. Also I’m definitely putting on another pair of student concerts on 7 May at MAC. Oh, and if my voice has come back fully by the end of March I will be perform the shows I was due to perform in September at Artsfest afterwards.

I didn’t want to write about how I lost my voice as it’s been really rubbish and it’s not the best way to sell yourself as a singing teacher. But I did. I shouted at my two lovely godsons because they were running off and climbing trees and I couldn’t chase them as I was looking after Benny too (he was only 10 months then).

I learned my lesson the hard way. Don’t shout when you’ve got a sore throat. Your voice may go. Mine did. Completely. For 2 weeks, and now, nearly 6 months on, I still l have loads of problems with my singing. So this performance will be a really big deal.

On the plus side I believe that losing my voice has made me realise how much I love my voice and I believe I could now work with rehabilitating voices. So every cloud and all that.

Right off to sit down before the little one, (not so little now, nearly 16 months!), wakes up and demands stuff.

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