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wedding countdown

It’s officially one month till my wedding to the smashing Matthew.  (Almost everything I’m planning is about the wedding  although my karaoke hen do last weekend was lots of fun.)   I think my divas are going to sing the song Matt requested and there are a good few of them coming to the wedding which is very exciting. Now I need to convince Matt to let me have the ceremony videoed so that I get to see the choir performance.

Next week is very exciting.  I’ll be spending 2 days studying the Accent Method with Dinah and Sara Harris in London on their BVA course.   I have done a bit of work with Accent Method both in relation to adding power to the voice and dealing with breathing problems students some times have.  From what I know so far it is about connecting the voice to the breath but I’m sure I’ll know a lot more about it next week.

Of course it only felt right to see a show while I’m in London but as I do nothing by half I’m seeing 3 shows, Legally Blonde, Sister Act and Passion.  Very exciting.   I hope I’ll be too busy to miss either of  my men, big or small.

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