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Well the 7 May 2011 came, exploded and now is past.
The students did brilliantly and it was wonderful seeing how

1 – the terrified students managed to get on stage and sing

2 – the ones who were terrified last year did so much better this year

3 – the many many little, or less little, achievements of students.  From the belting that we couldn’t be sure would happen, the sore throats that didn’t hold them back, the lovely way they supported each other.  Oh the list goes on and on, I feel so sentimental about it all.

And then there was my concert.  I was so scared but people looked intense when I was doing my intense songs and people laughed when I was meant to be funny.  There have been some gorgeous comments and I eagerly await them being posted on the main site.  When I get the video I will put a bit of it up on youtube too, and link it up with this site.

See, what a cool day/night

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