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Happy World Voice Day

Hang on… World Voice Day is on 16 April.  Yes, I am a bit late.  It’s a belated happy world voice day. 

I have a really good reason for it being belated.

Every year for about 10 years, in January, I have planned to run a free event for World Voice Day and last year I managed it.  I hosted a voice care workshop attended by about 30 people.  I was mega proud of that.  I didn’t know I would usurp that this year.  But I did. 

I was too busy running Secrets of the Spoken Voice with Pippa Anderson.

“We” is BVA Day – Secrets of the Spoken Voice.

We started planning about 18 months ago and, even though I think I’m prepared I’m never, ever prepared for how much time it takes to organise and host an event.  I’m still recovering, although that may be the Covid Vaccine that I had on Thursday afternoon or the cocktails I had on Saturday night to celebrate. 

Feedback has been great already and I’m really proud that between us we held a fully practical event for the BVA, the first in a LONG time, (decades). 

We reached new people, including young people, a really good mix of people. 

We held the BVA’s first free event, (or for as long as I can remember) and it was on WORLD VOICE DAY 

I’m grateful to the following people:- 

Pippa Anderson my team mate in organising this event.

Kristin Linklater who agreed to speak at our event when it was a tiny idea at the end of 2019. Her death is a massive loss to the world of voice.

Barbara Houseman who supported us with the planning and lead a fantastic free workshop for us on the Friday night.

Joanna Weir Ouston who was recommended by the Linklater Centre as the best person to represent Krisin after Kristin sadly died last year. 

Matt Dudley who gave the most gentle and inspirational introduction to Fitzmaurice Voicework possible. 


Yvonne Morley who really took us through the world of supporting voice practitioners in Shakespeare’s Globe theatre to the recording booth for doing voices in computer games. 

At some point I will tell you all about what I learned.

At some point I’ll tell you all about what I learned in the Intro to Somatic Experiencing workshop that I attended the weekend before. 

But for now I’ll catch my breath, catch up on the jobs that have falled by the way side and ….. wait for it… get a haircut!  

What are you up to? 

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