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Singing Opportunities

How are you finding this Summer?  I hope you’re getting to enjoy the lifting of the lockdown rules.  I don’t know about you but I’ve learnt a lot of things during lock down.

 I’ve  learned that there are some things that online lessons are  really good for, at least as good as in person lessons.   They are great for people who live far away, There’s an intimacy and degree of focus that makes online lessons really special.  They are really great for group lessons.

I have ran a few one-off workshops/group classes in lock down and I have developed them and now proudly present…..

New and Exciting Courses 

The Intrepid Soloist 

Starting on 30 September.  90 mins a week at 7.30pm 
This 6 week course will gently ease you from terrified to confident soloist (or at least considerably less terrified).

Private Facebook Group
One to one video support between lessons.
Very limited places, book now to avoid disappointment.  

“For me, online group singing has provided an unexpected opportunity to overcome the fear of singing in front of others in the safety of my own home in a less pressurised environment.” – Lorna Taylor, VERY shy singer. 

For more information click here.

Vocal Resilience

Four weekly classes, starting on the 30th September.  One hour a week at 6.30pm.
This course will empower you with new knowledge and skills to take control of the care of your voice. 
Private Facebook Group
Your own voice care kit sent to you. 

“Thoroughly enjoyed the Vocal Resilience Workshop. Lots of useful and practical advice which can be applied daily. Thank you.” 

Sophie Hill, performer and singing teacher.

For More Information click here.

Soon To Be Announced 

Vocal Technique  – More Info To Follow…

Coming from the start of October 

This 10 week course will cover the key aspects of vocal technique.  

I’ll send out the details in a few days but here is a bit of info… 

It’s 10 weeks long, on a Sunday 6.00-7.30pm loads of support between classes and a tiny group.  If you’re interested in knowing more feel free to let me know by return and I’ll make sure to tell you first. 


I’m still very much teaching one to one singing lessons and they are all online.  There is a lot of research about the effect of singing onspread of Covid-19 and until this research has been completed I am only offering lessons online.  The hope is that the research will be shared in September.  Until then come and sing with me without leaving your home, or, if you’re very brave, your’e welcome to ask me about garden lessons, (no privacy, keyboard an at risk of becoming online with little or no notice.)

There are three ways to work with me, either book single lessons at either £48  for 55 minutes or £30 for 30 minutes. 
Book Single Lessons Here

You can pay for blocks of 5 lessons, either £210 for weekly lessons or £225 for fortnightly lessons. 
Book a Block of Five Lessons Here.

How to get singing lessons at 2019’s rates.

I am also offering a limited number of people the opportunity to freeze the cost of lessons at £40 an hour by signing up to subscribe to lessons.  This involves committing to a year’s worth of lessons and paying monthly.  If this would suit you then do let me know and I’ll tell you more.

Termly Singing Lessons 

I offer a handful of lessons to children aged 10+.  These are at a set time each week and paid for at the start of each term.  If you want more information about these let me know by return.

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