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Loved the Tour


I’m now nearly 38 weeks pregnant so going to take a few months off to spend time with my family.

After doing a show at nearly 37 weeks pregnant, as soon as I have lead Cantare Choir in putting on their friends and family concert on Monday 29 October I intend to take it easy for however many days I have till baby two arrives.

I loved, loved, loved doing the Hindsight (and the Dark Set), tour and was chuffed to bits with the audience responses, especially from people I didn’t know. It felt great to be able to do both sets. I can’t wait till things settle down with baby two and I get to take the show on the road again. I’m off to a conference of the National Rural Touring Scheme on Thursday to represent a project I’m involved with, Unicyclying Wombat ( and after the great feedback I’ve had on my mini tour I hope to travel a little further afield with the show later on in 2013.

There are lots of other possible projects being floated about that I will tell more as and when things get sorted.

But lastly, for those who didn’t see the show (or those who did) I’ve posted some new videos on the watch/listen page…

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