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What is Technique?

I was chatting with a colleague/friend about what I call technique.  She really knows her anatomy and that shizz.  

I said that a new singer asked to “learn technique” and how to control her voice”.  

I explained to my friend that, whilst I didn’t say so in the lesson, I am resistant to the concept of “technique” because I don’t have a prescribed approach.  I genuinely respond to the problems the singer brings into the room with them that day.  I also believe in letting go of control at times, to let the muscles be responsive and sometimes the voice will surprise you by finding the answers without being micro managed. 

I explained to my friend that, beyond understanding that the breath needs to flow, the body needs to be responsive to movement and breath and in optimal alignment.  You need minimal tensions in the laryynx, tongue, jaw and soft palate.  Minimal tension for the job that is to be done.  Beyond that I don’t believe in technique and I certainly don’t believe in building a voice from scratch when someone is already a singer.  

My friend told me that is technique. So that was nice to hear.  Because, the longer you’ve done something, the more you know, but the more you know the more you worry about the stuff you don’t know. 

As I said in my workshop the other day:-

“The best way to know if someone is still learning and growing is that they are humble and don’t claim to know it all.”  

So I’m being like Manuel in Faulty Towers, whilst secretly knowing that I know loads but there is always so much more to know!