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It’s ironic how the more we have to tell about the less time we have to tell it. So I’ll very briefly update. I now run 4 choirs, Cantare Community Choir, Cantare Daytime and two sessions a week for Birmingham City Council running their open access, (“Community”), choirs. These last two have been set up following the Council’s time as part of the Gareth Malone “Sing While You Work” series that is currently on the BBC2.

If you want to know more about any of these choirs do get in touch and I will happily tell you more, (the Council Choir is open to anyone who works for Birmingham City Council).

The choirs are in the middle of doing lots of different Christmas performances. This week on Wednesday I’m conducting the BCC “Community” Choir at the German Market in Birmingham City Centre and then on Thursday Cantare and Cantare Daytime Choir are singing an a capella set at the Kings Norton Farmers’ Market Christmas Event.

I don’t think I even managed to tell you about our very successful performance at David Greig’s The Event at the Repertory Theatre in Birmingham. It was a fantastic experience for all of us.

Then the week after performing in The Event we moved house to Alvechurch It’s a new build house and when I give out the address it sends people to the M42!

And I did a mini comedy set at a friend’s birthday party which gave me a taste for dinner performing so who knows where that will lead.

Ta ta for now.

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