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Too many things to put a title to

So I’ll just write them all but not babble too much about any of them.

Vocalist Concert
I need to announce the date for the next vocalist concert at MAC, 3 March 2012. A chance for my students to sing a song in front of a friendly audience and/or try new things out.


I did a singing exam. It was always my dirty secret that while I have my ALCM in Musical Theatre I didn’t have Classical Grade 8 with ABRSM. So I did it earlier this year.  Also did it because I thought it would only be a good thing to put myself in my students shoes with a straight singing exam.

I had lots of fun in my singing lessons, not least with the opera star that is Wendy Dawn Thompson
very exciting stuff, got my teeth into the acting side again too which I also loved.

Community Choir
It seems like months ago the ladies at my local library asked me if I knew of any community choirs and seemed to be hinting to me to set one up. It seems like days later I went to the Northfield Arts Forum and met Laura Yates and they got me all fired up that this could be funded and so could happen.

All of a sudden the first rehearsal/meeting to gauge interest is on Monday. I am hoping that there will be a brilliant turn out and that we’ll have so many interested parties that the funding application simply has to be taken up.
Proper details are
Monday 10 October 2011, 7pm till 8.30. At St Nicolas’ Place on Kings Norton Green.
We’ll have a sing and chat and work out where we want to go with the choir and what we all want to do.

I’m sure there are other things but I can’t remember.  Let me know if I’ve forgotten something….

Oh yes, got Twitter….. I’m called upsidedownswan so have a search for me if you do the whole Twitter thing…

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