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So Much Going On, No Time to Blog

So I’ll be brief but to the point.

2 events in the next fortnight.

Cantare Choir – of which I am the Musical Director (oo how posh) are having a free taster session on Monday 28, courtesey of the Northfield Arts Trail. It’s 7.15 at St Nicolas Place on Kings Norton Green. There will be singing and cake. And it really is free.

We’ve done a Facebook page, which is here….

And then, on a completely different note, for those who like to sing solo, I’m putting on another open mic piano event. There’s a posting about that on this website too, under the title of, rather predicatbly, Open Mic Piano Night. The first one was a great success so we’re doing another. Come along and sing before it gets too popular to get a slot (I hope).

If you want to know anything about either of these events do get in touch by email or you can find me on facebook and twitter under the name upsidedownswan

Lastly but very much not leastly, I went to a gig that blew my mind a bit so I wanted to share the singer with you; Camille O’Sullivan. So exciting and I have taken so much inspiration from it. I feel like turning my show upside down.

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