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Let Your Body Do It and Get the Mind Out of the Way.

After my run this morning I was inspired to write a blog.  I didn’t have any time to type it up so I dictated it.  I was feeling inspired so I have typed it out as I said it into my phone, between panting and being out of breath.

When I say, “I’m really not a runner” other new runners often say they’re also new to running.  They  say they’ve not run since school and I say “I have never exercised in my life.  I’ve never, ever done that. I’ve never, ever believed I could exercise.”  They really don’t get it.

It made me think about people who think they can’t sing. It made me think about the mindset and how you can really, really believe you can’t do something and how the body learns.  The body learns because the body is actually more conclusive than the mind.  I don’t know if it’s stronger but it’s more conclusive.  So the body proves you can.

I just ran 30 minutes.  It was slow.  I wouldn’t be bragging about it if I was considering myself a runner.  But I don’t consider myself a runner, I consider myself a total non-exerciser.  So I’m very proud of myself because I just did 30 minutes of running.  That’s absolutely phenomenal.

The first time somebody who has had maybe 20, 30, 50 years believing they can’t sing, or, possibly even more debilitating, believing they used to be able to sing and now they are too old and it’s too late for them to start or whatever. It’s the same thing.  It’s the same thing.

I suppose when somebody turns up for a singing lesson they’ve taken that step, that they might be able to do it.  But they have to change their mindset a bit.  I still don’t believe I can run.  I still believe it’s a miracle every time I get out of the door. But I do it.  You have to do it.

You can pass a lot of responsibility to the teacher  but if you don’t do the work it won’t make any difference what you do in lessons for an hour, or half an hour a week, it won’t work.  You’ve got to do the practice in between.  It’s the muscle memory work. It’s the training and that’s why I’m making myself go out running.

That made me think about the whole role of the teacher. The role of the teacher being to understand which steps are the right steps to do and keep it just beyond manageable.  And to give motivation that it is worth taking those steps.

So I had to run 15 minutes, walk one minute and run another 15 today.  It was really, really difficult.  It was really difficult. But I did it because I knew that if I didn’t do it I would be absolutely stuffed when they do whatever they do with us on Sunday.  Apparently on Sunday we are going to cover 5k without stopping.  Which I find quite unbelievable if I’m honest.  Completely unbelievable.  However I will do what they tell me, I will do the best I can.  I may not be perfect but I will do the best I can and I will manage it.  I may be exhausted for the rest of the day but I will do it.

Because it’s about your body learning what it can do and your mind getting out of the way.