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Regular Evening Lesson Time Available – One Slot

I have 1 new, weekly out-of-hours lesson slot available for the first person who signs up for it. 

I’ve not had space to offer a regular evening slot to anyone new in over 18 months so this is a big deal**.  If you have been waiting for me to be able to see you for a regular, £60 an hour, singing lesson, now is your chance to grab this. 

You need to act quickly as there is only one lesson slot available. 

Your lessons will be either on a Sunday or Friday evening (to be decided by those who currently have lessons on alternating Sunday/Friday and I will let you know).

“I feel like I’ve achieved my original goals and am happy with where I’ve got to … I’ve had the best time!”- Luke Doswell*

Rebecca Schwarz sings on stage  whilst her son sleeps.
Photo of me singing very earnestly on stage whilst my son has a nap.

How the subscriptions work:

The cash bit 

You pay £240 per month for 4 lessons a month, (or £125 for 2 lessons a month).  There is a sign up fee of £25 and you receive a fabulous goodie bag of singing tools and information, (including a tube that is equivalent to a bit of kit that would currently cost £20 or 39.99Euros).   

You can cancel your subscription at any time but no refunds are given for payments made. 

Lesson Logistics 

Once you have signed up the payment rolls out on the same date each month.  After paying you get 4, (or 2), new credits on your account.  Most singers then book their own lessons using my automated booking system but if you have a set time each week then that slot then is reserved for you and I book the lessons for you once your payment comes out. 

If you do have a regular lesson slot you must tell me at least a week in advance if you don’t want to come any week so that I am able to offer the time to drop in students.  Otherwise you forfeit your lesson.

To be up front – every other week my kids will be in the house so may pass through the studio during your lesson.  They are not interested in the singers and mostly communicate in grunts now as they are teenage or mini teenage.  This can be seen by the photo of Ben looking like he is asleep as I’m singing with great feeling on stage.

sleeping son

How to grab this slot

Write back to me straight away as it is first come first served.  

If you’ve worked with me before then you’re welcome to just sign up.   I will send the link straight over to you by return.

If you’re new to working with me I suggest you book in a drop in lesson to see if we are a good fit.   You can do that by booking your lesson via this link here.  

Remember I have a load of free resources:-   

On Youtube here  

There are also free resources on my website here and here.


If you can come for lessons during the school day

Most singers work with me 2 or 4 times per month during the school day.  They subscribe in the manner described above, paying £220 for 4 lessons per month and £115 for 2 lessons per month. 

If you want to come during the school day you are welcome to sign up for these packages by clicking on the links below:- 

Buy 4 lessons per month

Buy 2 lessons per month 

If you are nervous about signing up for a subscription without having a few lessons first then you are currently welcome to book a 3 lesson bundle.  I created them so that people could buy a bundle of lessons as a gift and quite like them so I’m sharing them with you now.  

I may change my mind and stop offering them at any time as I do believe the subscriptions are the most effective way to learn.  However the bundles are a great way to gift lessons to a friend/family member. 

The lessons must be taken during school hours and cost £180. They expire 62 days after purchase and must be used within that timeframe.  

Buy a 3 lesson bundle here

* I have a photo of me singing in the concert as it doesn’t feel appropriate to share photos of other people and also because I think my son’s reaction to my passionate rendition is hilarious.   This also shows how interested my kids are in my teaching work. 

** Last night I had a lovely message from a singer who I’ve loved working with for over a year.  This singer has pushed me to be a better teacher in so many ways and we’ve had a great time working together. 

I’m not really surprised he is stopping lessons as one of his goals was to sing in public and be happy with his performance.  He did a beautiful job in the recent vocalist concert and I’m so happy that he’s achieved his goals.  

I’m really going to miss him. 

p.s. I specialise in working with people who have thought they can’t sing or professional singers who have hit a wall or want to try something new. Is this you or someone you know?

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