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concerts, gigs, it’s all go

So many things going on at the moment. 2 student concerts at MAC in less than 3 weeks. Then about 20 students doing exams within the next 4 weeks and then it’s all about my stuff.

Yes, I will be performing again. I am putting together a new cabaret show for the Moseley Festival and Artsfest. Very exciting. Will be about new motherhood and some of the joys (and not such joys) that it entails.

Also going to start performing my original songs again.

And… I start rehearsals for Sondheim’s Compay at the Crescent Theatre on 6th June. Very exciting.

Now I have to find a way to describe the cabaret show in 25 words that makes it sound interesting without sounding daft. Hmmmm.

and did I mention planning Matt and I’s wedding in 6 months. It can be done (if only choir would be nice and learn the songs I want them to sing at the cermony and not quibble if they like them).

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