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Cantare Choir 2016 1

IMG_1631 x 4Exciting things are happening with Cantare Choir.

Firstly I set up a website for Cantare Choir.  You can find it at  It would great if you checked it out.

Then we had our second social.  Our first one was a karaoke evening at Christmas which was lots of fun.  This was one  was even more special as our very own Choir Secretary, Gill,  was the Chief Questionneer.  We had the quiz last night at the Bull’s Head and I ha

I’ve taken a few photos.  Our team had a brilliant time and were very happy with our one from last position at the end.

IMG_1630x 4

On top of it being a brilliantly fun night  we raised some really important money towards paying the band for our next concert.

IMG_1628 - x 4I may have mentioned the next concert, but I am aware that I’m not very efficient at blogging so I may not have.  It’s on 13 June at the Stirchley Working Men’s Social Club and it’s looking really good.  We will have a full band, with keys, drums, bass and guitar (with a featured dobro, aka bottle-neck slide guitar).  Our songs range from Stuck in the Middle With You, to The Air That I Breathe, to Stevie Wonder and loads of other songs.

So it would be great if you wanted to check out our new website.  Feel free to like the choir on facebook Cantare on Facebook or like my teaching/performing page on facebook Facebook Rebecca Schwarz Page

IMG_1629 x 4If you would like to be added to the mailing list to hear about Cantare events drop me an email on either or

I hope to hear from you or see you soon.