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Brag Blog

brag blog

Brag Blog

I had one of those days when the singers who came to me made me full of pride. I decided to write a brag blog.  Also I think “brag blog” is funny so I wanted to write it.

If you’re not mentioned here it doesn’t mean you’re not amazing. All of the singers I work with inspire me and fill me with pride at different times.  On Wednesday I had three singers in a row who were all smashing their singing goals with me. That made me want to do this brag blog.

Just before I brag I am aware that I’ve not been in touch for a while.  I’ve had a lot going on.

Some logistics first…

I’ve moved house

If you’ve been to see me recently you’ll know that I’ve moved house.

I’m renting in Alvechurch right now and will be moving to a new permanent home asap.

If you’ve not been here recently I look forward to seeing you to show you my current teaching room and what I’m calling the amp corridor (where your singing sounds amazing!). This is a map to find my current address HERE

Different availability

I am offering slightly different availability.  School holidays do that, as do massive life changes.  If you go to book your lesson and there isn’t a time that works for you please do let me know and I’ll do my best to accommodate your needs.

Right so the brag blog….

As a person working on my own (without a team around me), it’s easy to doubt the quality of what I’m doing.  Imposter syndrome is regular company for me, as I’m sure it is for lots of people who are sole traders working beavering away.  When the singers I work with smash their goals it’s wonderfully affirming.

Singer one – she got into the college she wanted to get into.  But, for me, even more exciting than that is that this singer is a power belter who is working on strengthening her upper register.  She nailed it.  She was making great sounds and getting the sort of nuanced stylistic stuff that a professional musical theatre singer needs to be able to make.

Singer two started working with me at less than 5 months ago, (after stalling for years because she was too shy to start lessons).  Her ambition is to sing with a band.  She was so shy and nervous when she started during lock down.  She has not only joined a band but they have started writing original songs together.

Singer three is an actor who worries when acting roles include singing.  In his next role he came to me to prep the song but he is already nailing them.  We both expected to have lots of work to do but he was doing brilliantly on his own.

So that’s my brag over with.

I love my job.  I’m so lucky. I love helping people achieve their goals.    

Get in touch to book your singing lesson with me HERE

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