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A Well Deserved Break

It’s been a crazy few weeks.  Working 18 days without a break, student concert, choir competition, the BVA Fundamentals 10 week course and a lovely lot of new private students.

The more I think on the concert the more proud I am.  The videos are great and everyone did themselves proud.  A very kind man has seperated each performance and also recorded them so there are sound recordings.  If you want a copy of your performance then either give me a DVD or bring a memory stick with a load of space to your lesson so I can give you a copy.

The BVA course was fantastic although travelling to London each Sunday for nearly 3 months was a killer.  I went to the course thinking that I knew a fair bit but now all I am aware of is how much I don’t know.  That said it is great to know how I know so much more than a year ago.  It is wonderfully empowering learning how little you know and knowing that you actually know so much.

The BBS Close Harmony Choir were awesome at Music for Youth.  In the words of Mrs Ruston they went to a whole new level.  I don’t care if we get through the competition, I just know that their performance was amazing.  For a choir that has been going since September and has had on average 40 mins practice about 20 times if not less.

Now I am in a position to relax and concentrate on my ALCM in teaching on 15th and the gig I’m doing with Gav at Heartlands on 14th.   Really pleased that Sophie is able to come with me to my exam to be my student for my “live leson” and that I am able to thank her getting her a special stage seat, next to the performers, at Spring Awakening.

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