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On this page you’ll learn how to set up on Zoom and the audio settings for your online singing lessons.

Zoom keep changing the settings so it’s hard to keep up but this should help you to get started. I will go over it with you in your online singing lessons if you’re stuck before.
Most importantly USE A COMPUTER IF AT ALL POSSIBLE. The settings are so much easier to manage on a laptop than a tablet or a phone.

online singing lessons

Online Singing Lessons

Due to the current restrictions all lessons are for now ONLINE ONLY via Zoom.

Lessons can be booked via the booking in page.   If I have no times that suits you get in touch so that I can add you to the waiting list for the times that work for you.

When singing lessons can be in person again I will be sharing it publicly with great joy. When they are in person they will be in Birmingham, UK.

Useful Links to get you online

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Booking online

Returning? Log in

Please Note: It is much easier if you create a profile when you log in for the first time. When it’s booked you’ll be sent a confirmation email.

If you can’t find a slot that suits you let me know as I can register you for the waiting list. Drop me an email at

Have you looked at my services page to know how it works to start lessons with me? The below page is all about your singing journey with me.

I look forward to working with you.