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Your Singing Journey – How We Work Together

The first step of your singing journey – Book an Initial Consultation or a Complimentary Discovery Chat.

These are both booked by clicking on this button.

What Happens in the Complimentary Discovery Chat?

We meet on Zoom and have a chat.

You tell me a bit about yourself, your dreams and why you want to grow as a singer.

I answer any questions you have.

I may well ask you to sing something tiny, like Happy Birthday, just so you get over any nerves you may have about singing online or to me.

We get a vibe for how well we would work together.

You come away full of inspiration and excitement about your singing journey.

If I feel that we are not a good fit I will tell you at this point and do my best to recommend someone who would be better suited to you and your needs.

What happens In the Initial Consultation

So many cool things happen in the Initial Consultation.

We will assess your goals and how to make working towards smashing them fit into your life.

You will let me know what sort of learner you are. Do you feel that you need extensive support between lessons or do you work well independently? Do you like to practice in a block of time or do we need to make sure that practicing fits into your life more subtly? Do you love routine or randomness?

I will hear you sing and take you through an extensive vocal assessment. Yes lots of singing. It’s ok if you’re not your best at this point, it helps for me to see how you sing under pressure because most of the things we aspire to do make us feel pressured.

At the end of the Initial Consultation I will explain how we will best work together for you to achieve your goals. I will tell you how long I expect it to take and the best plan for you, your lifestyle and how you learn.

How Coaching and Voice is Different

Coaching and voice makes explicit use of all of my different skills and training. We work on what is stopping you from achieving both in singing and in life.

I look forward to hearing meeting you.