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The Intrepid Soloist Course

The Intrepid Soloist Course is 6 Weeks of up to 90 minute classes in a small online group.

Support between classes with one to one video feedback and a private facebook group.

To check you are a good fit for the course email

Rebecca Schwarz Symphony Hall
  • Do you love singing but are terrified of being heard? 
  • Do you want to get better at singing, if only there was a safe place to learn.  
  • Perhaps you sing in a choir or perhaps you’re too shy to even join a choir. 

If you are ready to be brave…


The Intrepid Soloist’s Group Singing Class

This six week class will draw you out of your comfort zone and gently bring out your inner soloist. 

Strictly limited numbers 

Class Outline

Week 1 

Get to know each other, explore Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and the Body Scan exercise and sing briefly in front of each other. 

Week 2 

The sharing week when everyone shares 2 songs with the group 

After this week you will be given 2 songs to learn, at least one of which must be ready for the following week. You are welcome to suggest your own songs if they fit the remit.  

Week 3

Everyone shares one song with the group and we all work on using the material of the song to empower your performance.  

Week 4 

Share a different song, use wider perspective work from NLP and Core Singing.  We will also look at the character and if, creating a character helps you to deliver the song. 

Choose one of the songs to sing at the week 6 sharing session. 

Week 5 

Work on the chosen song and prepare for the sharing session in week 6  

use NLP to change re-programme your fear response

Week 6 – 

Prepare for the sharing session and then do the sharing session

This class will:- 

  • We all know that conquering fears goes way past the individual fear we are conquering.  This course is life changing by showing you that the thing you are most afraid of is not so scary after all.  
  • Conquer that initial fear of being heard singing on your own. 
  • We will look at technique, we will all sing together and then you will sing on your own. 
  • You will finish this course feeling such a sense of pride of having taken on the “scary thing” and grown as both a singer.
  • Support between classes with a private Facebook Group and one to one video feedback.
  • Pre-class warm up available to all singers online.
  • Singers are all welcome to record your sections.

Who this course is for?

This class is for ANYONE who loves singing but is a bit (or a lot) afraid of singing on their own. 

You must be ready to sing in front of the group. I would expect you to be pretty nervous, that’s the point of the class, but I want to feel that you want to be there.

You must be happy to take direction and advise about your singing.

Why Rebecca Schwarz? 

I’m known for creating a safe space for intrepid singers to stretch themselves.  I’ve coached people who were terrified to sing and can now be found singing solos and with choirs all over the Midlands. 

I love starting singers off on their singing journey.

I learned to swim as an adult and understand the fear of looking silly and doing it anyway (I also learned to tap dance as a 40 year old and run even though I look like I’m trudging though mud). 

What you need to do:-

This will involve singing on your own in front of the group.

  • Have access to a computer with a mic and speaker, (a phone/tablet will do but it’s not as good), and upload Zoom
  • Choose a song that you’d like to share with the group and prepare it.  Even if you just prepare a little bit of the song that would be great. 
  • Source a backing track that you play at your end of the call.

Places book up fast so book yours now to avoid disappointment.

Some comments from participants of previous masterclasses include:

“For me, online group singing has provided an unexpected opportunity to overcome the fear of singing in front of others in the safety of my own home in a less pressurised environment.” Lorna Taylor, very shy singer.

“I’ve always found it fascinating watching what you do with others and the improvement they make in a few minutes.” Marion Daniels, choir singer.

“Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. My confidence is definitely better now. Don’t think I will be too nervous next time – can’t wait! So much fun. Thank you.”

“I never thought I’d have the confidence to sing out… but I did”

“the things you did showed immediate results with each singer.”

“loved it. Time flew by”.