I love extremes so I work with

Professional Singers

Voice development
Empowerment with knowledge
Extend range and and new colours
Drop in Voice MOT
Project development and support
Artist Development – Creative Support I have

I have a video to be watched on this link, about this here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ENVkO_n2RZo
Or I can share Claire’s review which is below.

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Shy Singers

Develop your confidence to rock auditions
Find your voice even if you worry that you’re not a singer at all.
Feel confident to sing karaoke, join a choir or singing society

Did someone tell you not to sing? If so they were wrong and you deserve to experience the joy of singing.
I have helped dozens of singers who have been robbed of hears of singing by listening to their inner critic who said they should just be quiet. No more.
I have trained in

I need to add to this.

I have lots of reviews but I’m sure that i could get a vide if I asked.
The review I”d put here would be

Libby Shepherd on my google page
As a complete beginner who has never had the confidence to sing in public, the idea of having singing lessons was a nerve-wracking prospect – especially in the midst of the Corona virus pandemic and subsequent lock down. Yet from my very first Zoom call, Rebecca has made me feel comfortable with exploring my own voice, helped by her wonderfully friendly persona and contagious enthusiasm – both of which are not in the least diminished over the internet! I would highly recommend booking online lessons, above all for beginners like me who are a little bit nervous, and would prefer to start in the comfort of their own home!

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Are these your singing dreams:-

“Rebecca is a charismatic, talented and enthusiastic teacher, who made singing lessons a very rewarding and beneficial experience for me. Would totally recommend if you are thinking about having lessons.”

— Paul Franklin

Your Singing Dreams

Smash your singing auditions
Understand your voice, care for it and trust your technique
Recover after voice problems or rehabilitation
Develop your voice, extend your range
Yes, learn about breathing
Learn new ways to use your voice – belt, mix, legit
Build your voice from scratch – even if you think you can’t sing.
Join that choir, dramatic company and find your community

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Lessons are either booked individually or as blocks of 5 lessons.

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