About Rebecca

I love to make an impact on your voice and your singing.  I am excited by the work that impacts on lives.  That really makes a difference.


My mission is to liberate your voice, to allow you to be expressive so that you can use your voice without restraint or self consciousness. I wil give you the tools to use your voice without restraint and self consciousness.


I have been on the journey to fight for the right to be heard and to feel worth listening to.


From losing all of my confidence during my acting training, to completely losing my singing voice for over 6 months from what I now see as part of post natal depression, I understand being afraid and feeling vulnerable


I lived it, bought the t-shirt, (not quite), and even wrote the musical (yes really,  it’s called Baby Brained and it’s about post natal depression.  I was in the middle of touring it with Arts Council Funding till it was paused for Covid-19.)


I understand wishing that my voice was different, prettier, more powerful, more like someone else’s voice, (every school has the soloist and at my school it wasn’t me).  But the one great thing that came from that voice loss is a new appreciation of my voice.  I love it because it’s flexible, interesting and it’s mine.

I know when to push it and when to be gentle.  I understand your vulnerability.  I’m still working on my demons and I’d love to help you fight some of yours (the vocal ones).

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I work with people whose singing development has a massive impact on their lives.  That means anyone who wants to make a change, from international singing stars, to those starting out in their singing career.  I love working with professionals in need and starter singers.


I have taught for so many years that the teenagers I taught when I started are now doing really cool stuff  such as  Olly Flavell and Adam Westley


I work with professionals to maximise their potential and care for their voices and I also love working with those who are starting their singing journey.

I’ve done, and continue to do  loads of training including…

Vocal Anatomy (Distinction, Level 6)

Estill (qualified CFP)

Basic SLS,

Attended many conferences from PEVoC to ViP

I’ve worked at the Hippodrome, as Musical Director for the Youth Musical Theatre Company.

I’ve founded multiple choirs, multiple open mic nights


I’m so into training that I’m a member of  Education Committee for the British Voice Association.  The days I’ve organised are  –

Freeing the Dancers’s Voice

Extreme Voices 

You can see more of my training and qualification below and you can click here to reasonably recent biography about me with biog.


I’m very interested in how the mind blocks vocal freedom and believe that often the issue is psychological as much if not ore than anatomical.


I am currently studying Counselling, with plans to study NLP and hypnotherapy to best enable you to get past your blocks.


I also help teachers to care for their voices and mentor singing teachers.


That teacher changed my life and that’s what I want to do for the singers I work with.  I want to give them the gift of loving singing.

For a fuller biography see this blog post.

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Training & Qualifications

  • BA (Hons)
  • Estill Qualified (CFP)
  • LLCM Performance
  • ALCM (Teaching Diploma)
  • Certification in Advanced Anatomy for Voice Professionals, Distinction (Voice Workshop)
  • British Voice Association Education Working Party

An Introduction to Acoustics

The Extreme Voice

Breathe Easy, Freeing the Dancer’s Voice, Chain Reactions, Growing a Singer, Janice Chapman Masterclass, Rock and Pop Day,

Dane Chalfin, Kerrie Obert,  Voice Geek Conference (2), Advanced Anatomy for the Voice Professional Introduction to Somatic Voicework Practical Pedagogy Pathway, Mary King, Jeannie LoVetri

Estill CFP (Certificate of Figure Proficiency)

Evolving Voice-Jenevora Williams/David Howard

The British Voice Association

The British Voice Association,

The Voice Workshop,

Charlotte Shorthouse EVT


2017  – 2019

Taking It Further  Estill
Advanced Figures and Voice Qualities

The Voice Explained,
Anne-Marie Speed and
Paul Farrington.


Complete 5 Day Course

The Voice Explained
Anne- Marie Speed and
Paul Farrington.


Rock The Stage

British Voice Association


Aberystwyth Summer School – Musical Theatre

Mark Meylan


Rock and Pop Day

British Voice Association


LLCM in Musical Theatre

London College of Music


The Summer and easter Schools (x3)

The British Kodaly Academy


The Clown / The Dark Clown

Peta Lily


Singing and the Actor

Vocal Process


An Introduction to The Accent Method

British Voice Association


ALCM (TD) in Musical Theatre Teaching

London College of Music


Fundamentals of the Singing Voice

British Voice Association


DipLCM in Musical Theatre

London College of Music


Professional Trainer Certificate (Credit)



Post Graduate Diploma in Professional Acting

BSSD (now BSA)


BA (Hons) 2:1 English and Drama

WMW (now QM) (University of London) and CSSD


 Have had singing lessons with:

Musical Theatre — Mark Meylan, Gillyanne Kayes

Jazz – Anita Wardell, Sara Colman

Classical-  Pauline Alder, Amanda Baldwin, Gill Robinson