Baby Brained the Musical

Original, laugh out loud musical.

An interactive, musical journey through the highs and lows of new motherhood.


Audience Comments included:-

“like lots of people’s experiences in one story.”


“I had 2 friends who denied their struggle.  It would have opened their eyes and helped at the time if they had seen the show.”


“It is a very sensitive issue.  it is amazing.   Because you made it light- hearted, that makes it easier to take.”


Blog from Small House Big Trips


Well where do I start? If you had told me I’d one day laugh at a play about new parenthood and post natal depression, I’d have said it would never happen.

Having felt like I was on the verge of post natal depression in the first year of having Matilda, I know how raw a subject it can be and having lost my brother through suicide in March of this year, the subject of depression and sadness, is usually enough to set me off crying. But this musical was amazing and the only tears shed were of laughter.

I went to a morning showing of Baby Brained yesterday, in a baby group in Edgbaston with lots of friendly new mums and their little ones who all seemed to be between 5 weeks old and 6 months old. For those parents who want a break from the kids and are happy to leave little ones with their other halves, grandparents, babysitter, next door neighbour, alone at home (joking, obvs) they do an evening showing which has FREE gin included in the price of your ticket (how fab is that!).

This show is perfect for either situation. A night off or a day on. A chance to sit and giggle at all of the things we don’t usually talk about and tend to brush under the carpet.

Baby Brained is a breath of fresh air. It is for mothers and aimed at mothers and even if you’re not a mother, you’ll laugh out loud and sing along. And if you are a new mother who is still in need of some pelvic floor exercises, it’s your chance to use some tena ladies. You will laugh during this. One of those ‘LOL’ laughs that we all type that we are doing but never really are, but now you really will. You’ll even sing along, even if you can’t sing. And if you’re getting enough sleep and actually have managed to not get baby brain (lucky you!), you might even decide to join in on the interactive parts. But you don’t have to, it is entirely up to you.

I took Jemima with me yesterday (even though its a play for mums) as I didn’t have any one to have her before her afternoon at nursery and she loves hanging out with Mummy any way, so she came along. Other than her usual fidgeting on the seat, moving her legs here and there. She didn’t actually get off the chair, she was mesmerised by Rebecca and her amazing ability to own the stage (or front of the room in this case).

Rebecca Schwarz is the brains behind this musical and is the lovely lady who performs the show, alongside Ian who is the pianist and chief button presser when some audio needs to be played. Even though it is aimed at adults, Jemima in her innocence loved it and joined in at parts – Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes and the catchy song that is sung a few times. Jemima was there, front row, in her broad Black Country accent, singing along.

The Musical was humorous and entertaining. Showcasing acting interspersed with songs and interactive elements to the show.

When it comes to writing comedies every syllable counts and Rebecca has ensured this stays true within Baby Brained.

The story follows Sally, a wife, heavily pregnant with her first child, already desperate for a good night’s sleep, reading up on Gina Ford and her practices. We get taken on a journey through her first year of being a mum. Even getting to meet her midwife Lorraine and the new baby group that Sally sets up called Sticky Fingers.

It’s a show that all new mums can relate to at some point and one that you will be recommending to all of your mum friends.

For more information please do check out and find them on Facebook @babybrainedmusical and Twitter @brainedthe.

They haven’t ventured onto Instagram yet, but I’m sure that will be the next step.

This ITV clip about the show 


This Blog from Zen Ten Baby

So this morning I was wondering how chickpea was going to sit through a show on motherhood at Rowheath Pavilion. I need not have worried, the show was full of babies and toddlers, at the back of the room was toys and three paid and professional childminders so mums could for once, enjoy some entertainment.
Babybrained the musical was created by one amazing lady, Rebecca Schwarz. She monologues a tale of motherhood inspired by her own plight, which covers relatable themes to us mums such as anxiety, colonics, midwives, relationships and babygroups. It was hilarious. She makes light of alot of the stuff that myself and mum friends went through, the isolation, shame, pain and ofcourse the outwardly image we seem to portray with smiles and cute baby pictures. Audience participation was a key part of the musical, chickpea even joined in and ventured to the front to watch. Acacia family support were in attendance which was wonderful to see. Mental health is a touchy subject but one that needs to be spoken about in order to help the many that suffer silently. Rebecca brought tears to my eyes at one point when she mentioned the nightfeeds and sleeplessness that new mums experience, this musical helps us realise we are all in the same boat and we can help each other. All in all it was a feel good show, full of laughter, tales, coffee and irony, motherhood cliches are very real so what better way to address them, than humour from a mum who is not only a strong lady but a pioneering mum. Bravo, what a great show!


If you want Baby Brained to perform for your group get in touch asap


Comments from audience members included:-

“all new mums should see this show.” 


“perform to an audience of people involved in funding.  Healthcare professionals.  They need to understand how bad it is.”


It’s making you think about stuff but with a humorous edge.. musical comedy elements as well as serious…. really, really good.”

Instead of having the health visitor check on you at 1 week have Rebecca visit to tell all us that we are normal.”

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Summer 2019 Tour


Daytime shows


Doors at 9am

show approx 9.45

Tickets £5

Drink and biscuits provided

Baby/toddler friendly

Creche corner in the room


Thursday 4 July    St Nicolas Place, Kings Norton

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Thursday 11 July   Alvechurch Cricket Club, Alvechurch

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Friday 12 July       Rowheath Pavilion, Bournville

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Evening shows

Ticket includes a drink (boozy or not?)

Very limited tickets

Doors at 19.00,

show 19.45

Wed 3 July   Rowheath Pavilion, Bournville £10

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Thurs 11 July    Gin and Pickles, Alvechurch £15 at the venue – SOLD OUT

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“I have lived with a person suffering from depression for 15 years.  Throughout, there has always been a gap, something about depression I couldn’t understand, and that she tried to, but couldn’t fully put into words.  The performance explained the gap, and put it in a way that I can begin to understand and be more supportive and understanding.  Thank you.”


“Very moving, well thought out but funny too. Perfect! A sensitive look at a painful subject, but just like people who suffer from depression do everyday sometimes you need to be able to both empathise, and laugh about it at the same time.”

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Produced with support from Arts Council England