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Whether you need a one off vocal MOT, help with a technical problem or regular support I have years of experience helping jobbing singers and I will get you back to full power.

If your voice feels “not quite right” then feel free to get in touch.

A sports person work with a trainer, someone who knows them well enough that they can spot problems before they can take root.  Singers need that person too.  

The Programme for you is The Vocal Athlete

Your voice matters too, it’s your livelihood and it deserves to be cared for. 

I will ensure that you have the knowledge and technical ability to use your voice in the most efficient way, so that your voice has longevity, flexibility and ease. 

“I love my lessons with Rebecca! As a professional singer I travel long distances nearly every week for gigs and find that this can really affect my voice. I like that Rebecca not only supports me technically but also holistically, focusing on how to care for my voice, release tension and tips for performing when I’m tired after driving for hours. Rebecca has also given me real confidence when performing my original music” – Claire Rossi