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  • Are you afraid of being heard singing wrong? 
  • Do you need help to be audition ready, belt, braces (and, if required,  incontinence pads)?
  • Or perhaps you avoid singing auditions because you feel that you’re not the greatest singer.  

The Performer’s Voice is the programme for you.

I understand that horrible feeling, knowing that you need to sing in an audition but not be properly prepared. 

Working with performers to get them singing is one of my greatest joys. I will get you over that hurdle, in fact it’s my very favorite thing to do, because I understand how much it means. 

Are you afraid of being heard singing wrong?  It’s my job to work with people whose voices need improving.  If you were perfect then you wouldn’t need me and I’d have no job, which would be a massive shame as I love my job. 

Work with me to be audition ready, belt, braces and, if required,  incontinence pads!

“Rebecca is an enthusiastic, energetic, precise and knowledgeable teacher. I am still in the process of training with her but already – after a few short months, my confidence has grown in abundance. Under her guidance I am about to make my debut in a West End Musical. I am incredibly grateful to her.” – James Barton, Royal Scottish Ballet, Birmingham Royal Ballet, An American In Paris, West End. 


I have worked with so many jobbing actors and I will work with you to ensure that you’re audition ready when you get the call to sing in an audition.

I trained for 4 years as an actor and I understand the language of Meisner and Stanislavski or finding the right nose/shoes to be the character.  

But mostly I love working with you because you are the person I used to be when  was scared to sing in auditions. 


I know you like to know how things work and I’m happy to geek out with you.  

I understand that you need to get things “right” because that’s part of your training.  Together we will explore so many different, creative approaches, that we will find what best suits your voice. 

I’ve worked with dancers from Cats, An American in Paris and Phantom of the Opera, helping them to prepare for these roles, grow in confidence and care for their voices.   

My work with dancers lead me to study the conflicts between the “singer’s body” and the “dancer’s body” in a research project and through hosting an event for the British Voice Association –  Freeing the Dancer’s Voice 


I’ll let Carl tell you about his experience….

“I had performed in bands as a drummer and a guitarist singing backing vocals for several years, playing over 100 gigs in the process, but a few years ago I decided to take the plunge and become a lead singer. I knew I could sing but was extremely nervous about doing it in front of anybody outside of the rehearsal studio. I decided to look for a singing teacher to maybe help with my confidence and give me tips/advice on voice care, warm ups , posture etc. Luckily for me I found Rebecca! In just a few lessons she gave me all the advice, help and confidence I could have wished for, the lessons were almost like a cognitive hypnotherapy for me as they also helped with anxiety/worries in every day life. I’m now the lead singer in a very successful wedding band and I can’t thank or recommend Rebecca enough! Carl Ashton –

“Fantastic teacher! Rebecca helped me find a voice I never knew and had, and inspired and encouraged me to pass exams too. Would recommend to everyone!” – Phil Smith,