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Transform your Voice Rebecca Schwarz Singing Lesson Programme Headers for Website

Transform Your Voice Singing Programme with Rebecca Schwarz

  • Do you like singing but want to do more with your voice?
  • Do you sing in a group, such as a choir or amateur dramatic company, and never get solo parts?
  • Do you sing with a group but not have the courage to try for the solos?
  • Do you believe there is more you can achieve with your voice if you only knew how?
  • Are you looking to apply to college and are worried about the singing element of the audition?

If this sounds like you then this is the programme for you.

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You will leave every lesson with a recording of the lesson and of the exercises you need to practice.

We will work on technical exercises that are specific to your needs as a singer.  You must work on daily, to train the muscles that control your voice.

These will probably include:-

  • Breathing techniques
  • Learning and singing lots of songs.
  • Range building
  • Turning off (and occasionally on) nasality
  • Tongue stretches (tongue tension is almost always an issue for British people)
  • Different sorts of sounds, and getting a sense of what “your” sound is like.
  • Different Voice Qualities.
  • Acting through song.
  • I will record warm ups and cool downs for you to practice with
  • Grade exams if that’s of interest to you (LCM or Rockschool Grades)
  • Audition prep.
  • And …Yes I teach Belting.

I will encourage you to sing in front of other people when you are ready and confident but I will  never make you sing in front of other people until you are ready.

Singing is a muscular activity and with the right support anyone can train their muscles. 

How To Book on the Transform Your Voice Programme

Schedule Appointment “Rebecca is fantastic, I’m not sure what I expected but she worked out what I wanted and helped make it happen. Can’t recommend her highly enough.”
Billy Blunden
“I have been going to Rebecca for a number of years and have seen such a change in my singing style. When I started with her I was scared of singing in my own and thought I could only sing high notes. Now I have the confidence to sing in front of 100s of people… And I have a low voice!” Ammi Shah
“Rebecca is most definitely the best singing teacher I’ve ever had, she not only filled me with enough confidence to achieve a place at my dream Musical Theatre school, but has continued to work with me over the three years i’ve been there. Every time I come home from London I come straight to Rebecca for lessons as her teaching techniques, encouragement and perseverance are second to none. I feel huge improvements every time I finish my lessons with her.. I would recommend her to anyone without a doubt!!:
Rosie Southall
3rd Year Musical Theatre Student at Laines Theatre Arts