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Rebecca is an excellent teacher

Rebecca is an excellent teacher and although I travel almost two hours just to go to an hour’s lesson, it is definitely worth it. She has not just one method of teaching, but her style and methods are unique to every student as everyone has different needs and different ways in which they learn to the optimum level. “Rebecca is my second singing teacher I have had up to today and my previous teacher was not even close to the standards of Rebecca. One goes to singing lessons either because one wants to improve or because one knows nothing about singing and would like to learn from the beginning. Regarding this, my previous teacher just gave me the words of “it’s easy, just sing!”, which was not helpful at all; not matter how hard I tried, practiced or how many lessons I had. “I am glad I met Rebecca because even from the first lesson we had; I improved and learnt a lot from this lesson and came out feeling much more positive and believing it is possible that I could sing well one day.