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I would ABSOLUTELY recommend Rebecca to anybody

Working on my vocals with Rebecca has given me the ability to believe in myself and try anything that comes my way vocally be it Bollywood or a RnB record. Her energy and enthusiasm makes me feel like I’m unstoppable vocally. Rebecca’s helped me adapt my style according to the type of song I’m presented with.” “I contacted Rebecca in 2013, looking to take singing lessons. After a bit of looking around online, I decided to go with Rebecca, and I can definitely say it was a very smart choice! “She is awesome, simply put. She knows her stuff, she is patient, super laid back and a really nice person to be around, on top of being a fantastic teacher. I love that she customizes her teaching approach and lesson to you specifically. I’ve never once felt ‘pressured’ to do anything I don’t want to, and I really appreciate her allowing me to take my time and go at my own (often very slow) pace with my learning, and my sometimes weird schedule. She picks up on your quirks and tastes very quickly. Before taking lessons from Rebecca I was honestly pretty freaked out about music theory, and she has made it so much more approachable than I could ever imagine. I’ve learned so many things that not only put music theory into a much more understandable (and thus less scary) perspective, but are just plain cool! If you want to learn just songs, or mix up songs with technique, or go full on music theory; I think Rebecca can do all of that. She likes to keep things fresh, and interesting for you, which I think goes so far in getting over that frustrating initial hump of learning. “I would ABSOLUTELY recommend Rebecca to anybody, beginner or experienced. I think her prices are very fair.