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Performers Voice
  • Are you a professional performer but lack confidence with your singing?
  • How many doors would be opened if you were a confident singer?
  • Are your performing opportunities limited by your lack of singing skills?

Then the “Performers Voice” Programme is for you!

Singing is a skill just like your other skills.  Everything you know as a performer will help you as a singer.  I’ve worked with loads of actors and dancers who feel limited by their perceived, (and sometimes very real), lack of vocal ability.  Together we’ve smashed through their fears and brought out a voice that they can confidently use professionally. 

I initially trained as an actress and I understand feeling like your voice isn’t “good enough”.  Through work I did with a technical voice teacher I found my voice and I know that I can do that for you too. 

You will leave every lesson with a recording of the lesson and of the exercises you need to practice. 

We will work on technical exercises that are specific to your needs as a singer.  You must work on daily, to train the muscles that control your voice. 

These will probably include:

  • Breathing techniques
  • Learning and singing lots of songs.
  • Range building
  • Turning off (and occasionally on) nasality
  • Tongue stretches (tongue tension is almost always an issue for British people)
  • Different sorts of sounds, and getting a sense of what “your” sound is like.
  • Different Voice Qualities.
  • Acting through song.
  • I will record warm ups and cool downs for you to practice with
  • We will put together an audition book to support you.
  • And …Yes I teach Belting.

You will learn voice care and how to have longevity vocally. 

Singing is a muscular activity and with the right support anyone can train their muscles. 

I will encourage you to sing in front of other people when you are ready and confident but I will never make you sing in front of other people until you are ready. 

“Rebecca is an enthusiastic, energetic, precise and knowledgeable teacher. I am still in the process of training with her but already – after a few short months, my confidence has grown in abundance. Under her guidance I am about to make my debut in a West End Musical. I am incredibly grateful to her.”
James Barton
An American in Paris, West End 2017