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  • Have you always thought that singing is something you just cannot do?
  • Do you mime when you have to sing in public, such as at funerals and weddings?
  • When you sing do you believe that the people around you wince?
  • Do you not trust your own ears in terms of whether you are in tune at all?
  • Would you love to: Join a choir? Join an amateur dramatics society? Sing in front of your family? Stop miming when you’re meant to be singing in public?

Then the “Find Your Voice” programme is for you!

Every week I get enquiries from people who say the above statements.  They believe it’s impossible for them to sing but a part of them wants to know if they may be able to.  Most of the time they actually can sing, at least some of the notes, however if you are one of the people who really struggles to find any of the notes then I can still help.

I have worked with singers who took months to be able to find the right notes in a warm up but they were patient and tenacious they got there in the end.  One such singer achieved a pass in a musical theatre exam (Grade 3!) and I think it was one of both of our proudest moments, (and she had a very successful career elsewhere).

What Will We Do?

  • Everyone is very different in this package but it is likely that:-
  • Together we will develop your listening skills.
  • You will understand how your voice feels in different parts of your range.

We will work on technical exercises that are specific to your need as a singer.

These Will Probably Include:

  • Breathing techniques
  • Increasing your range
  • Warm up exercises
  • Tongue stretches (tongue tension is almost always an issue for British people)
  • Exploring different sorts of sounds and voice qualities
  • Learning and singing lots of songs

It is very important that you have the tools to support your practice at home. You will leave every lesson with a recording of the lesson and of the exercises you need to practice.

I will encourage you to sing in front of other people when you are ready and confident but I will never make you sing in front of other people until you are ready.

There is such a thing as being tone deaf but I guarantee that if you are on this site, considering singing lessons, then you are not tone deaf.  If you were truly tone deaf you wouldn’t enjoy music or want to take singing lessons.

Singing is a muscular activity and with the right support anyone can train their muscles. 

“Opened a new world to me, thank you Rebecca”
Ka Mun Lee

“Rebecca has been teaching my daughter for the past 9 months, and i can’t recommend her enough, Beth is very nervous when meeting new people, but Rebecca put her at ease and found common ground to chat about using music that Beth enjoys. As a teacher she is patient, encouraging, professional and adaptable, gives honest down to earth advise and works with the best interests of her students in mind, not pushing to hard or letting them remain unchallenged. A very friendly and fun lady who has helped not only improve Beth’s voice but her confidence is coming on a treat as well, she looks forward to her lessons each week and we are looking forward to her first performance”
Clare Gibbs