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Learn How To Sing Better Now

5 Things You Can Do Right Now To Strengthen Your Voice

Go From Fearful to Fearless. Release Your Voice & Find Your Joy.

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Are you ready to be heard?

  • You have had enough of  wanting to hide when someone asks you to sing.
  • You mime when everyone else sings at weddings and funerals.  You dread karaoke events for fear that you will be pushed to sing. Or you do sing, but have to get really drunk to be able to take the mic.  
  • You love music and you want to sing but you struggle to get past the evil inner critic who tells you that you are awful.
  • You’ve achieved so many things, yet singing is something that makes you want to shrivel  up and hide.   

if you are up for conquering the singing frontier then I’d love to be your guide.

I love working with shy singers. I love getting you past the blocks that stop you singing freely.

You can work with me in 3 ways, one to one, online lessons, in my subscription group, the Vocalist’s Explorer’s Group, or work through the work I share for free on my Youtube Channel and in my blog.

When did you become self conscious about your singing and  lose your free singing voice?  Did it start with a teacher who told you to mime in school?  

Were you happily singing when a good friend told you “just don’t sing”?  

The tiniest comment from someone can completely stop your  enjoyment of singing and the person who said it probably doesn’t even remember.  But you do.  I know because I hear so many of these stories.  

Did you used to be confident with your singing but haven’t sung in years and feel like you have “lost your voice”?

You have a right to sing, and you have a right to share in the joy that singers feel when they sing.  Your inner artist deserves to be set free. 

Your journey to singing joy starts here!

The Vocal Explorers is a monthly subscription group where we meet on Zoom twice a month to explore voice related stuff and between classes on a private Facebook group. It’s only £20 a month at the moment.

“When I first started taking singing lessons with Rebecca, a little over a year ago now, I was incredibly nervous. I was really shy about singing in front of anyone else, and found the whole process quite daunting. Rebecca was so incredibly warm, welcoming and encouraging. She was very patient with me as I slowly found my voice. 

I now look forward to every lesson and I have so much fun. She takes my lessons as seriously as she would a professional singer, teaching me interesting ways to improve my range and sharing her vast technical knowledge. I have been able to go from singing the songs that I am personally most comfortable with to tackling complicated songs that I wouldn’t have thought that I would be able to handle.

My confidence has grown so much, I am now happy to sing in front of others and one day I may even be able to sing on stage! Rebecca is quite simply the best teacher.”

Sana Mughal

I’m Rebecca and I’ve been guiding shy singers like you in their transformation into confident singers for over 15 years. I love the massive life changing impact this has.

You can do this too. You, too, can experience pride like the pride I felt after I went on a rollercoaster, (at Legoland, don’t judge).  

You might be afraid of having singing lessons because you’re scared of your voice being judged. I, (almost), guarantee you won’t be the loudest, or the quietest, or the most out of tune singer that I’ve ever worked with.   And, if it turns out that you really are ‘the most awful singer ever” then I love a challenge and I can help. 

Work with me to find and develop your singing voice. You will get so much joy from singing.  The joy of playing with your voice and exploring what it can do, the joy of connecting emotionally with a song and, (when you’re ready), singing in public.

You will get over the fear of being judged.  You will realise that no one is as mean about your voice as you are. 

I love the privilege of being part of your singing journey.

The sooner you start the sooner you start improving.