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This page has all of Rebecca Schwarz’s links

Rebecca Schwarz’s recent blogs and youtube links are first…

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A bit about me…

I love being a singing teacher and being able to make an impact on your voice and your singing.  Doing work that impacts lives is what excites me.  Work that makes a difference.

My mission is to liberate your voice, to allow you to be expressive so that you can use your voice without restraint or self consciousness. I will give you the tools to use your voice without restraint and self consciousness.

How I became a singing teacher.

I have been on the journey to fight for the right to be heard and to feel worth listening to.

From losing all of my confidence during my acting training, to completely losing my singing voice for over 6 months from what I now see as part of post natal depression, I understand being afraid and feeling vulnerable

I lived it, bought the t-shirt, (not quite), and even wrote the musical (yes really,  it’s called Baby Brained and it’s about post natal depression.  I was in the middle of touring it with Arts Council Funding till it was paused for Covid-19.)

Rebecca Schwarz’s Link – Read more about me here

Here are some of my favourite blogs (by me, yes I know how that sounds):-

Inspirational Singers I’ve worked with and why I love working with beginners…

I wrote a series about resonance. This is the first of the blogs…

Lessons from my 11 year old….