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Thank you for your enquiry about singing lessons.

Drop in Lessons

Drop in lessons cost £85 

Book any time lessons here


The payment comes out of your bank each month and then you will get credits for the number of lessons you purchase.  Lessons can be booked up to 6 weeks in advance and must be booked before the next payment comes out.

Lesson credits do not roll over to the next month. 

If you sign up for a subscription you also get access to the members page and support between lessons from me via a video app. 

Anytime Lessons

I mostly teach during the school day but I do offer a few evenings a week and I have a couple of spaces for someone to have regular lessons on Saturday morning. 

If you have a lesson at a set time then I reserve that time for you each week and book your lessons for you.  As such I need you to tell me a week in advance  if there are any weeks when you don’t expect to attend. 

To ask about a set time that works for you drop me an email on

4 lessons a month £260  

Sign up for the 4 lessons a month anytime subscription here.

2 lessons a month £135. – 

Sign up for the 2 lessons a month anytime subscription here.